The court forced the man to amputate the leg

Newspaper the Independent reported on the unusual trial in the UK. In relation to men who refused from amputation of the limb, which was developed gangrene, the court issued a decision allowing the doctors to remove the affected limb against the wishes of the patient.

The laws that apply in the country prohibit medical assistance without the consent of the patients. The man, whose foot suffered from gangrene, stubbornly refused surgery, while the gangrenous process could actually kill.

The hospital appealed to the court, finding that there is a situation that allows you to take therapeutic measures without obtaining permission for treatment from the patient. The judge who tried the case, decided in favor of the clinic.

According to the source, in accordance with the decision of the court doctors to amputate the man’s leg, even if he will resist and it will have to kept by force. But most likely, the patient just get sedatives. The court has provided a solution to the dilemmas and also to allow their use with the goal of amputation.

The judge who rendered the verdict of involuntary operation, came to the conclusion that the patient has the necessary mental abilities that allow to make an adequate decision on appropriate treatment.

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