The construction of “national patient centered health system” has been postponed

The project of strategy of development of health of the Russian Federation till 2025 – global document defining the state policy in the field of health for the next 7 years will be further developed. According to the plans of the Ministry of health, the construction of the national patient centered health system was to begin from 2019. However, in the next version of the document still few specifics, and in addition, there remains a funding gap for the system that is the conclusion reached by the participants of the parliamentary hearings in the state Duma.

Prepared by the Ministry of health for more than a year ago, the document assumes the continuation of the preparatory structural changes in healthcare until 2019 to move to a preventative healthcare model in Russia. As promised in the Ministry of health, a system aimed at improving the availability and quality of medical care will combine all the best that is available in the medical field in the world and in Russia. Among the main directions of the Strategy the creation of a unified system of poinformowanie motivacii citizens zdorovomu lifestyle innovative development of medicine Vnedrenie of modern technologies, improving the drug supply, eliminating lack of personnel, the development of the quality management system of medical care, improving the compulsory medical insurance system, development of mechanisms of state-private partnership.

It is expected that these measures will help к2025году to increase the life expectancy of Russians до78,5 years, significantly reducing mortality, primarily among the working population.

The document is being finalized. According to the Deputy Minister of health Natalia Horev, в2018году project has twice discussed sovete security inmarch considered comitete of the Federation Council policealnej policy.Comments were considered and the CPS and MLA Fund. However, as stated at the hearings in the Duma, the auditor of the accounts chamber of Hmichael Men, there is a deficit of funding the territorial programs of state guarantees free of providing medical care. It seems to us that this Chapter is necessary to expand, – said Men. The national project and the Federal projects on primary care and providing medical staff organizations do not include specific indicators. In addition, he said, did not address the issues of accessibility of health care services in remote communities. The level of availability of medical care, recently evaluated the monitoring conducted by the onf.

As stated by the Chairman of the Committee on health protection Nikolay Govorin, Russia needs gradual, evolutionary transition profilakticheskoi model of health.According to him, should radically change the system of primary care, where the doctor performs the functions of the Manager poprawienia patients at other medical facilities. It should become a filter, so the criteria for its evaluation must be the index of the number of healthy each age group on its site. A quality assessment should be carried out be more specific the analysis of each running event, such proposals Govorin has suggested to include in the text of the Strategy.

According to the Director of the Center for policy in the health sector of the Higher school of economicsurvey Shishkin, the state of the domestic local service is of particular concern: conducted by HSE research has shown that on a number of indicators of its level is lower than in all the former countries of the former Soviet Union. In particular, the proportion of primary care physicians is only 13%, while the load often exceeds the Federal standard by 2-3 times. Thus, according to him, spelled out in the draft Strategy measures to improve the quality of primary care is not enough.

The document established only addressing staffing imbalances and shortages in some specialties, the increase in targeted training, continuous professional development. The Ministry of health intends to solve these problems to solve, not specified.

The package of amendments relating to the decision of a personnel question in medicine has proposed sechenovskiy rector of the University, of the University participating in the Project 5-100, the Chairman of the Council of rectors of medical and pharmaceutical universities STRYPER Glybochko. In his opinion, part of the duties of doctors in General practice it is possible to transfer graduates of medical schools enrolled in the program Nursing education, including organization and control of medical examinations, vaccinations for work in the school medical organizations. And to support graduates coming to work in the countryside or in remote regions, it is necessary to legislatively determine the scope of benefits.

In addition, Glybochko proposes to test the skills of employees in state institutions of physicians, primarily oncologists, pediatric and cardiovascular surgeons.In the composition of the audit teams, in his opinion, should be included nitroglycerinonline medical research centers and universities medicinckih. With regard to the additional medical training, the market to limit competition, said the rector. In his opinion, private educational organizations often do not have qualified personnel and the necessary logistical support.

Irina Reznik