For the first time in history an electric skateboard hit-and-run death

90-year-old woman became the first in history, which killed an electric scooter. And rode in her vehicle, which was operated by two people at once.

An elderly resident of Spain, apparently, is the first person who died under the wheels of the electric scooter. At least other messages about this in the media did not appear. The incident occurred back in August of this year in Barcelona, and, as we now know, the electric scooter was ruled by two men, which is quite unusual. Apparently, this dashing couple was dispersed on the road and with a sweep slammed into a woman who fell on the pavement and fell hard. She was taken to the hospital, and after a few days she died. As for the scooter drivers, they face criminal charges.

The police found that they raced on the scooter at a speed of nearly 30 km per hour on the street, intended for pedestrian or vehicle traffic. If this is the first death under the wheels of electric scooter, the vehicle itself repeatedly came to the sad reports of road accidents. In the same Barcelona a few months ago, a 40-year-old woman driving an electric scooter, fell under the wheels of a truck and died.

The worldwide popularity of these vehicles is growing rapidly. Many cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, during the warm seasons, you can hire Segways, however, often city streets are just not designed to be driven on these vehicles as on-road going cars, and on sidewalks are pedestrians. Scooter is a happy medium, but where to ride it, still remains a big question. (READ MORE)