Created cells that destroy cancer

Scientists at Lund University (Sweden) conducted the first successful reprogramming of skin cells – as a result they were able to artificially create cells that will target the search and destroy cancers. The study is published in the journal Science Immunology.

Scientists have long tried to create a method of destruction of cancer based on the functions of dendritic cells. These immune cells are endowed with the ability to scan the body, looking for it viruses, bacteria, and onkokletki. After this scan aktiviziruyutsya T-lymphocytes attacking cancer. Preliminary attempts to destroy thus the cancer has not been successful – the tumor was stronger and neutralized at war with them cells.

The authors of this study decided to synthesize anti-cancer cells artificially. They found the method of transformation of cells of connective tissue fibroblasts to dendritic cells using three protein – PU.1, IRF8, AND BATF3. Tests showed that the established scientists of dendritic cells behave as natural.

The researchers said that the destruction of cancer they are going to enter the above three key protein directly to a cancerous tumor so that it can trigger the production of this cancer-specific antigens. According to scientific experts, “this will help to target attacking cells of the immune system on cancer cells and destroy them.”

Artificial dendritic cells are generated for nine days. Scientists hope that the technology open them in the near future will be applied in practice.

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