Found a substance that makes the body fight cancer

A study by Belgian scientists has shown that the body can get to fight cancer. For this purpose, as identified by foreign experts, it is necessary to block the molecular mechanism contributing to the inhibition of the immune system. The results of their work reported by MedicalXpress.

The authors of the new study were able to establish that suppresses the immune system and contributes to the development of cancer. They found that the decrease in the protective functions in the body promotes the release of proteins cytokine – TGF-beta. This protein affects the lymphocytes (immune cells), causing them to reduce their activity and skip the cancer cells.

To force the body to resist cancer components and destroy them, you must block the action mentioned protein, the researchers said. They were able to determine antibody can play a role blocker. According to scientists, they discovered the antibody can be the basis for anti-cancer drug.

Recently scientists increasingly suggest to use to fight cancer internal reserves of the organism – development of drugs for immunotherapy has become one of the most promising areas of Oncology. We will remind that this year the Nobel prize in medicine and physiology was awarded to scientists who could discover a mechanism to “Wake up” anti-tumor immunity – in other words, allowing the body to fight appears in this cancer. This concept formed the basis for the new project. Researchers have developed artificial proteins – antibodies that affect the substances that inhibit the immune response of the body and not allowing it to recognize cancer.

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