Found all the genes that cause red hair

British researchers were able to unravel the mystery of red-haired people. They found as many as 8 genes that are responsible for hair color.

British scientists were able to detect as many as 8 genes that are associated with red or ginger hair color. This discovery will help to understand where all the light appear red-haired people. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh was able to hold the largest to date genetic study of hair color. Note that previously dominated the theory that red hair controlled by a single gene called MC1R, a version of which has passed from both parents.

However, not every winner of two versions of this gene becomes a redhead, and this means that in this respect an important role is played by other genes. The researchers studied the DNA of nearly 350 1,000 people. They compared the genes of red-haired people with people who have light or dark hair. This allowed us to identify 8 previously unknown genetic differences that are responsible for the formation of reddish hair. Scientists have also monitored the functionality of these genes and found that some of them control the turning on and off MC1R.

Finally, the researchers were able to detect differences in almost 200 genes associated with blondes and brunettes. Scientists have expressed satisfaction that their work allowed us to install most of the genetic variations responsible for the difference in hair color between people. And now the mystery of the appearance of red hair can be considered practically solved. (READ MORE)