What to eat to stay young? Foods that slow aging

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What foods slow down aging

What else to do to slow aging?

Every person ages, it is an inevitable process. But someone this process starts early, and others late. What does it depend? There are many factors that affect our health. One of the most fundamental is the food. It should be aimed to support the work of all organs and muscles in the right direction. In other words, no junk food, soda, convenience foods and other junk food. But what then remains?

You will not believe, but there are many foods that slow down aging. In this article Magicforum will talk about what to eat to stay young.

What foods slow down aging

Coffee and tea will be of great help in eliminating the first signs of aging. The fact that they have a lot of hydroquinone, which helps to prevent oxidative processes in cells. In foods it is used as an antioxidant. In combination with zinc, has the ideal protection from aging. Therefore, you should drink more tea and coffee and not to forget the consumption of foods with zinc (or additional complex).

Also proven that coffee is a great protector against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It increases the effects of painkillers by 40 percent. However, we must understand that the caffeine on each person acts differently. So you need to find your dose in order not to harm yourself and not to follow the General recommendations. Someone with only one Cup a week, and someone has to drink coffee more often. But remember — more than three cups of coffee a day to drink is not recommended.

Broccoli also is the ideal product that slows aging. All thanks to vitamin C, antioxidants and carotenoids in the composition. Scientists in one voice say that this cruciferous vegetable has to be in the human diet as much as possible.

It is also helpful to eat melon. It contains vitamin C, which has a beneficial effect on the skin. Because he manages to keep collagen, elastin, forming an excellent moisturizing effect. This avoids the formation of early wrinkles, make the skin clean, soft and smooth.

No less useful product to slow the aging will bow. Thanks to him, the blood is purified, reduced levels of “bad” cholesterol. In addition, it has the effect of “Anti-age”.

It is necessary to include in your diet nuts, which also slow down aging. The most effective anti-aging are almonds and walnuts. The latter contains a huge amount of nutrients, which is five times more than in eggs, and nine times more than in milk. Also, the nuts are lysine, which will help to maintain the functioning of the brain and its youth.

Surprisingly many potatoes copes with aging, slows it down. Most importantly, it has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, leads to a lack of constipation, cleans the intestines. The use of potato on the skin will also be useful. After all, slices of raw root can remove swelling from eyes, and the vegetable is often used as masks for the face. Read more about this at the link.

Seafood — oysters, anchovies, carp — ideal in the fight against the signs of aging. Fish are rich in high protein, which, unlike many other products, is very high quality. Meat carp and even allows you to preserve skin elasticity.

Tofu is also a great source of protein. Isoflavones and soy bean are beans bosnaski antioxidants. So, the product is aging.

The kiwi is also a lot of good. Thanks to the sugars, proteins, lipids, organic acids and minerals in its composition of fruit turns an indispensable tool in the fight against aging. The kiwis are not only full of vitamin C, but also R, which protects the blood vessels in the human body.

Product, which slows down aging, can be called and strawberries. It can improve skin condition. Berry also prevents diseases of the liver and urinary tract. In addition, strawberries helps to strengthen the gums, prevent dry throat.

Yogurt is incredibly effective at protecting from aging. It improves the digestive system, preventing intestinal infection and improve immune system. Milk is also incredibly useful, but yogurt is much lower in fat, higher level of calcium, more vitamin B2. It provides incredible benefits to the body.

Coriander is one of the most beneficial impact on the health status of the seasonings. It is rich in iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, vitamins A and C. by Consuming this product, can slow aging, reduce blood sugar, protect against certain cancers. Thus, you will be able to slow aging.

Surprisingly, and sweets can help in the fight against aging. Particularly useful in this respect is chocolate. It has a calming effect, stimulates the pleasure center in the brain. The chocolate can delay the speed of the process of the formation of dental caries.

Be sure to include in your diet mushrooms is also a product that slows aging. They have very few calories so you can lose weight. The mushrooms are also a lot of minerals, vitamins and proteins. Mushrooms prevent constipation and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Vitamin C is also in this product, but it is much more than in different fruits. Mushrooms also increase metabolism.

Also incredibly useful to slow the aging of eggs, cabbage, apples, mineral water, milk, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, citrus fruits and malt.

What else to do to slow aging?

Not only products can slow the aging process. There are other processes that achieve youth. First and foremost, you have to train and build muscle. At the age of 25 the human body loses muscle mass around 1-3 percent per year. It is therefore important to train, otherwise by age 50, your body to become flabby and old.

The perfect form of physical activity will be dancing. It is proved that they can help slow down aging of the brain.

Perform meditation. It is known that it can help reduce stress, increase telomerase activity, which scientists believe the key to cell immortality.