Russian women are considered the stronger sex

While a huge number of Russian men break down emotionally and seek solace in alcohol and tobacco, Russian women are fighting for social success and demonstrate admirable strength of spirit, a poet that they are now in the country are the stronger sex. This view was made by the experts in the article published by German magazine Eurasisches Mаgazin.

German researchers admire the resilience of Russian women in difficult times and believe that their strong floor. According to experts, the Russians tend disciplining habits – they lead a healthier lifestyle, more purposeful in comparison with men.

Experts say that they don’t idealize Russian women. The Russians, of course, not always successfully solve difficult life issues. Nevertheless, specialists say, there is a trend: Russian women strongly fighting for their place under the sun and are struggling with problems with full dedication.

“Women in Russia always managed to successfully combine work and life. In addition, they value family values, fighting for your rights and work to defend all that is important for the family and what makes them such strong personalities,” he said about the power of Russian women researchers.
Prior to this, the journalist from Sweden, Elin Jonsson, in his article for broadcasting organizations SVT said that Russian men are the weaker sex, and they are forgiven and get away with all the things that can never be forgiven Russian women. In its opinion, for Russia in the difficult times in a typical situation, when a woman rolls up his sleeves and takes some dirty work to feed his family, and the man stays at home, feeling sorry for himself and drinking. A Swedish journalist also said Russian women are the stronger sex.

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