Prostate Patient told: Only dribbled it, then I couldn’t hold it

The older the prostate, the more likely it is to suffer men to increased, uncontrolled urination. Although nobody likes talking about it, the Problem many. The guest author had to learn after prostate surgery again to control his bladder.

A 55-Year-old, today in the Prime of his life, at the peak of his professional success, you must occasionally find an unusual urge to urinate. He can’t explain it to himself why he let the water suddenly has trouble, and from the urethra a few drops of flow.

Loss of urine is a shame-like theme

Urine drips in the pants. At night, he must more frequently to the toilet. An Organ, a gland below the bladder that makes him create. He can’t appoint, because he has made it no head.

He is asking his friends, maybe even go to the doctor, he hears for the first Time the word prostate. Yes, if he would go with these new difficulties to the doctor, to the doctor, or maybe equal to the urologist, he would explain to his prostate, and the possible causes of incontinence. But the German man goes to the doctor, most of them seek any medical advice. Urine loss, it is your perception only in the case of older women. It is as a taboo topic with shame busy.

About the guest author

Friedrich Wilhelm Zimmermann worked as a Freelance Journalist, among other things, the Sender Freies Berlin and the West German broadcasting Corporation in Cologne. In 2007, he received the diagnosis: prostate cancer. In his book “love – desire – prostate: A true love story,” he writes about his personal story-from diagnosis to treatment and life afterwards.

Friends advise him to eat pumpkin seeds, pomegranate drink juice. And so we are on the subject of: uncontrolled urinary not urge of the age, although it’s not old, not old feels. In addition to the perceived age, there is also the biological age. The body ages. The prostate ages . Like the hair either both fail or slowly grey, the eyes need glasses, visible processes. The prostate is changing slowly, unnoticed, but palpable to the touch.

The prostate works

The function of my prostate was explained to me by my urologist at the example of a chestnut. In the middle through them the urine flows into the urethra to the penis exit. For the change with age, the process of growing, does not fit the chestnut image. We know how chestnuts grow until they fall as ripe fruit from the shell and slow to dry, shrivel. Here’s a new picture has to help.

How would it be with a small tomato that grows on the shrub and larger. For the increasing volume of space in the would be the lower abdomen. But this prostate tomato is expanding not only in scope, but also in the Interior.

Here the difficulty begins: The growth presses on the urethra. This channel is increasingly close, and no longer lets through as much urine as usual. When you water allow the use of larger amounts of Urine in the bladder, so that it runs faster. Nerves of the urinary bladder wall notify the brain when a critical level is reached.

Unanswered questions about the changes with increasing age

I had to go far to explain the function and the urge to urinate. All comparisons limp. The urethra may eventually block it completely. On the question of why this is so, there is still no answer. Why is the man in the age of the head of hair? Why sprout the eyebrows of some men to lush size? This is a trivial questions, there is still no satisfactory answer.

Sudden urge to urinate cannot be stopped

Prior to my prostate surgery, I could no longer hold, suddenly the urine, I had to drain somewhere. The corner of a building, a Bush, just not in the pants. On the way to the theatre. The Situation was very unpleasant, my partner more than embarrassing.

Would catch me today, a and ads, I would explain to the district court judge my Not: “I could not comply with. The urge to urinate comes very suddenly. Then the first drops report. Now I have to pee immediately – otherwise, everything goes in the pants.“

So, or something like that, my defense would be. And if the judge would be over 50 years old, then he would understand me. Otherwise, I’ll get a medical opinion, in the is to certify that my prostate and bladder causing problems.

To solve the Problem

The urologist had operated on me, said to me on the operating table: “Now, where the bladder sphincter is tight, you need to re-pee-learn like a child.”

I speak here of the extreme case of one OP after the total removal of the prostate gland due to a tumor. However, not every prostate Problem is also the suspicion of cancer. Most often it is the more benign variant, because the pre-growing prostate. The flow rate of the urinary jet. The remains of the urine can remain in the bladder. Man no longer has the feeling that it is really empty. There are many ways to treat the unpleasant symptoms. The urologist knows you and names you.

Apparently, the rot taboo slowly. The man accepts that his wife is having a continence Problem in old age. It doesn’t have to be the worst. The fear of incontinence is only when the doctor makes a cancer is suspected, investigate. In most cases, the urologist detects a so-called benign hyperplasia of the gland.