Finnish sausage checked for quality

“Roskontrol” conducted examination of the quality popular brands of Finnish cervelat, selecting for her five brands. Security of sausage experts had no claims, but two samples out of five were found not listed on the label ingredients.

Five marks of the Finnish cervelat, whose quality was tested by the staff of “Roskontrol”, is a product of the brand “Ostankino / Dad”, “Klinskoe”, “Rublevsky”, “West Malling”, “Meat house of Borodino”. After the inspection, the Finnish sausage “Klinskoe” was included in the black list: there was not enough meat, and was discovered in corn meal, not declared on the label.

Also ingredient, the”surprise” was revealed in the Finnish sausage “Meat house of Borodino”. This sausage was attended by animal collagen protein, typically added to reduce the cost of the product. This sample was included in the list of goods remarks.

Sample of two Finnish cervelat did not meet code on the packaging for the fat content. Sausage from “Ostankino / Dad” fat was less than 42%, in the sausage “VELCOM” – by 27%.

What is pleasing is that none of the sausage found no trace of bacteria. Additionally, all bought to check samples of Finnish sausage appeared to be safe for the content of sodium nitrite, a component that is credited with the ability to provoke the development of cancer.

In the Finnish sausage-mentioned brands is not exceeded and phosphates. But, for example, according to GOST in the sausage do not have to be this dietary Supplement. All samples tested were produced on the other.

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