Healthy fries should be 6 pieces

Healthy fries should be no more than 6 pieces. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from Harvard University.

Science has long proven that fried foods are not very healthy, and it touches on so beloved by millions of Russians fried potatoes. But whether it may be a number of roasted potatoes which not just harm the body, but is also useful? Researchers from Harvard University found that in a healthy serving of potatoes should be no more than 6 pieces. We are talking about the same potatoes, fried in butter and well salted, which we love. For most of us 6 pieces of potatoes on the plate – a real children’s portion, which will hardly satisfy the appetite. But research has shown that all that is over, is bad.

The authors of this study emphasize that if the dose of fried potatoes to above, it is a “bomb of food starch”. And if the person eats not 6 pieces of potatoes, he should add on a plate of some vegetable salad, of course, if the goal is to protect yourself from cardiovascular disease. Note that such diseases are the leading cause of death in most developed countries, and the number of heart disease increases. Unhealthy foods like fried potatoes lead to the development of atherosclerosis and clogging of blood vessels, which can trigger a heart attack or stroke.

Over the past 25 years, statistics show that the average serving in catering establishments has increased two and sometimes three times. The diameter of the bagels grew to 15 cm, a bucket of popcorn today consists of 11 cups, not 5, and increased the dosage of carbonated beverages. As the portions of fried potatoes, today on the plate you can see in most restaurants, 55 pieces, but before them was no more than 15. (READ MORE)