The consequences of being Overweight: a Doctor explains how the body suffers

Obesity is not a harmless disease. The consequences affect the entire body and also the Psyche. They range from cancer, Diabetes to dementia,

Obesity should not be trivialized. It has immense influence on the health and determined potentially our life and the quality of life in old age. Also in June 2017 published alarming publication The Global Burden Disease 2015 Obesity Collaborators“ in the New England Journal of Medicine emphasized the drama of being Overweight than Ill.

The above-mentioned Figures, a blow to the face for every people, the honest in heart, because of the disastrous consequences of the obesity epidemic, individual fates, and the socio-economic fate of the society. The disastrous Figures speak for themselves: Alone in the year 2015, about four million people died in the investigated populations to the consequences of being Overweight.

120 million people were victims of disability and inability to work, not to speak of massively reduced quality of life. Almost 70 percent of the dead are diseases victims of cardiovascular. The fact is: Obesity – whether it’s thick-thick or thin-thick – is more than only a latent risk, statistically, it is the silent Killer of today’s time.

The consequences of being Overweight

The dangers of Excess weight lurking quietly. The death comes slowly or is delayed due to late effects. The peaceful appearance is deceptive. It is not mentioned in safety, since damage is still visible, such as the blood values in the best shape on the white lab sheet at the house doctor Shine. Also this is not a guarantee for health. The reality is different.

Despite normal blood levels the risk for heart-circulation is increased-diseases and atherosclerosis. That should convince the critical reader: You must not longer the deception succumb to, that Obesity is a Bagatelle. Studies impression to lay the myth of the healthy Thicknesses. It’s high time to pull the supposedly harmless Overweight the cute mask from the face!

Obesity weakens the heart

Epidemiological studies have revealed Obesity as a unique risk factor for cardiovascular disease. In obese men, the risk increases to 72 percent, and in women, by as much as 82 percent for Overweight and 269 per cent for obesity.

The explanation of why the heart in Overweight, ailing, is obvious: in Order to provide greater body mass, you must adapt the heart and its size to expand. Like a house that is too small, expand the heart, slowly the heart chambers. In the wide chambers and more blood flooded, it must be pumped from the heart with more pressure in the circulatory system. This is the initial trigger for high blood pressure, the heralds, in turn, by means of a continuous pressure on the vessel wall-atherosclerosis.

The potentially fatal consequences: heart attack and stroke. The risk of stroke is increased for Obese. Often, heart failure develops. In addition, an increased risk for cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation is reported. The good news is that The cardiovascular risk is due to successful weight loss can be lowered.

To The Person

Anne Fleck is a specialist in Internal medicine and rheumatology. Known to a wide audience, it is, inter alia, from the TV series “The diet Docs”, (NDR television) and as a best-selling author (including “The 50 healthiest 10-minutes-recipes”).

Risk for Diabetes

Disorders of carbohydrate metabolism such as insulin resistance, elevated fasting blood sugar and type 2 Diabetes are clearly associated with Obesity. Especially the global diabetes avalanche is a consequence of the overweight drama, approximately 80 percent of type 2 Diabetes cases are caused by Obesity. In the USA, every second adult is currently suffering with type 2 Diabetes or preliminary stages. Germany is still lagging behind. Researchers suspect that any third party is in this country, insulin resistant, and in acute diabetes risk.

The WHO estimated that for 2014, globally 422 million Diabetes patients. Since 1980, a four-fold increase in the number almost. Not only the prosperity of countries are affected, the increase in threshold countries is devastating.

An ageing population and the growth of the population are Overweight causes of the global diabetes explosion. And Diabetes, and to die is not a harmless Disease: 55 percent of the diabetics in the consequences of early atherosclerosis by heart attack. Peripheral arterial disease of the leg arteries with Amputation, cerebral infarction, renal failure requiring Dialysis, polyneuropathy, impotence are more to follow, as well blindness 30 percent of the cases of blindness in Europe are caused by Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes used to be, the shape of the classical age, diabetes, are currently already overweight children at the age of three years affected. Sad Game. Obesity is closely connected with disorders of lipid metabolism, notably low HDL-cholesterol (good cholesterol) and elevated triglycerides. Overweight people with elevated uric acid levels (hyperuricemia) also have a significantly increased risk for the development of gout. Metabolic disorders such as type 2 Diabetes, increased uric acid, etc. are due to a modern Diet is not only preventable, but curable. There, the journey must go!

Obesity as a cause for cancer

A clear scientific evidence for the link between Obesity and cancer. WHO sees being Overweight as a trigger for a half a Million global new cases of cancer per year. Recent publications in the New England Journal of Medicine kidney stress, especially the risk for cancer in the esophagus, colon, rectum, liver, gallbladder and biliary system, breast, uterus, ovaries, thyroid, and blood. Also it is believed tumors are at increased risk for the brain. Cancer researchers at the Harvard Medical School Boston levels of Obesity as the leading heavyweight of the cause of Cancer – long before the Smoking. As the cancer pathophysiological Obesity logically generated, is currently the subject of scientific research.