7 signs that you better to abandon the use of milk

With dairy products, many people have difficulty. Dairy advertising campaign together with the milk industry made us believe that milk is best source of calcium.

But in reality there are so many studies that prove that in fact milk does not has such advantage.

Medical journal BMJ in 2014 published an authoritative study, which involved more than 61 000 women. In the end, it was proven that women who drank a lot of milk, were exposed at much higher risk of fractures compared with those who drank less milk. Moreover, women who consume a lot of milk, even died more often.

Milk and dairy products
Also, studies have shown that there is a very strong link between drinking milk children up to 14 years, and diabetes. If you and this is not enough, let us add that woman 26-46 years, the diet has a lot of dairy products are subject to very high risk of developing breast cancer.

It’s all very scary, but there are more common reasons why a person decides to abandon dairy products.

Tell you about the seven signs to discover that you should immediately stop drinking milk.

Lactose intolerance

1. You regularly feel bloated

In order for our body lactose is properly digested and assimilated, the person should be an enzyme called lactase. From the youngest children to the problems with lactase no, its in small organisms abound, because they need to digest milk, which for the most part is their diet.

But as we age our body produces less lactase because adult milk no longer need. For this reason, the use of milk may cause bloating.

According to statistics, the majority of Latin Americans, Indians, Europeans, 74 percent of native Americans, 98% of the population in Southeast Asia, 70% of African Americans 90% of Asian Americans suffer from what are lactose intolerant.

2. Stomach pain

As a rule, pain in the stomach is almost always accompanied by swelling. If the small intestine is not enough lactase, the milk can not be absorbed until the end. This prevents the process of digestion, causing tingling and pain.

You may feel sick, you can hear the rumbling and pain. Some even mark the occurrence of spasms and acute pains.

3. You have copious gases
When the digestion of lactose does not occur properly, the undigested sugar is trapped in our large intestines. There, he began wandering, which, naturally, can not lead to anything good.

From your stomach can hear funny sounds, the stomach may growl. And in the end this leads to a rather unpleasant phenomenon – flatulence.

4. You often face diarrhea that lasts longer than two days
If you are familiar with the previous three symptoms, this is unlikely to cause you surprise. However, the less unpleasant it becomes.

In very many cases, when a person has lactose intolerance, he notices that not all dairy products leads to such results.

A person can discover that, for example, cheese and cream do not contribute to the appearance of diarrhea, and it occurs because of milk. However, to verify this, first you should completely rid your diet of dairy products, and then gradually incorporate the products in turn.

The influence of milk

5. You have itching and skin itches
In most cases, the itching soon after the adoption of milk is associated with allergies to this product, but not with lactose intolerance. Despite the fact that most often allergic to milk affects children, adults too cannot be ignored.

A milk Allergy occurs when our immune system begins to negatively react to any dairy product, perceiving it as dangerous and foreign substance.

When this substance enters our digestive system, the most common reaction is itching.

6. Several members of your family died of cancer
It has long been proven a link between eating dairy products and the risk of developing cancer. If a woman is used to drinking milk, then it significantly increases the risk of breast cancer.

In milk contains a hormone called IGF-1, which is associated with the development of some other cancers, including lung cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer.

Not long ago, the British journal of cancer (British Journal of Cancer) told me about an interesting study which involved 23,000 Swedish citizen. All participants had lactose intolerance, and reducing to a minimum the consumption of dairy products and milk showed that they significantly reduced the risk of development itself, lung cancer, breast and ovarian cancer.

Scientists from Harvard in 2006, he published the results of a meta-study involving over 100 000 women 26-46 years old. Experts have found that women who eat meat and dairy products, significantly increased their risk of developing breast cancer.

Has conducted more than 20 studies that established the existence of a link between drinking milk and prostate cancer in men.

7. You have problems with the skin
The same hormone which is responsible for the increased risk of developing cancer, also has a negative impact on our skin. This hormone IGF-1 is associated with the appearance of acne on the skin, swelling and inflammation.

Also, the proven fact is that the consumption of dairy products is associated with excessive production of subcutaneous fat, which, in turn, is the main cause of clogged pores and pimples.

If you are in for a long time to live with the rash on the face, and together with his dermatologist tried many different ways to get rid of them, but all was in vain, probably it is time to free your diet from dairy products.

Start with reducing the consumption of milk and dairy products, and you will immediately see the difference.

Do you like milk? How often it is used?