What to do when stress

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What to do when you stress?

The separation of stress on phase

How to recognize stress? What to do when you stress?

How to prevent stressful situations at work

Learning to cope with stress

Modern human life is a constant lack of free time, urgent matters, problems at work and in the family. All this negatively affects not only the physical but also the psychological state of a person. Crazy rhythm of life provokes the appearance of stress, and then people can no longer normal to think a head, and at times depressed. But to easily cope with any problems, it is important to know what to do with stress and how to prevent the emergence of such a state.

Stress accompanies us always, but this condition should not be permanent, otherwise it could start a depression and deterioration of physical and mental health. That is why every person should know the ways and methods of protecting the body from such state. Magicforum found out whether the body stress.

What to do when you stress?

Many people wonder about why stress and why it appears. In such a depressed state is bad to work, deteriorating relationship with friends, and overall physical condition. But according to many scientists stress is necessary. Without this condition, the person becomes passive.

It is important to stress is not permanent, it needs to be replaced by phases of a normal life. In this case, it includes the mechanism of self-regulation, and the body will return to its normal state. Exactly this is the opinion of a biologist from Canada, Hans Selye, who first described a similar condition of the body.

The separation of stress on phase

In state of stress we find ourselves always, it is a part of our daily life. It is very important that this condition does not last too long, otherwise the body ceases to adapt to changes occurring in the world around him. Chronic stress can lead to disastrous consequences. Biologist Selye distinguishes between three main phases of adaptation:

1. Anxiety is the time when the body is prepared for future events.

2. Resistance – the onset of a very stressful situation. In this phase, the body spends its resources on overcoming stress.

3. Exhaustion – a time when the resources of the organism are not enough to overcome the ensuing stress. If the situation won’t improve then this condition can lead to a mental breakdown, and sometimes to serious physiological ailments.

He stressmany professionals are divided into several segments, by analogy with the classification of Celje. In the first phase of “fever” before the start of the event (time before an exam or a speech in front of an audience). Then comes the event itself and the stress. The last leg will be the post-stress condition.

Experts are divided, and people in their reactions to stress:

•the rabbits passively react to the situation, only occasionally activating their power;

•”lions” – people who are actively involved in the fight with stress, wasting a lot of energy;

•”the ox” – a man who continues to work and to run their business, despite the current situation.

How to recognize stress? What to do when you stress?

Everybody knows what a stressful situation you need to get rid of. But to do this properly, you need to recognize the type of stress, and their is quite a lot of varieties. Only by understanding the condition of man, it is possible to help him.

Stress can be divided into the following types:

•emotional. This state comes about because of the events with the man himself or his loved ones. Emotional stress can be positive (wedding, successful job search) and negative (injury or death of a loved one);

•psychological. Envy the success of others, or hate, all these emotions also cause stress;

•physiological aspects (hunger, cold, etc.), they cause the appearance of stress;

•information stress when a person falls upon the mass of news.

There are many other causes of stress. Each person they can be, as well as signs of being in such a state. It is therefore very important to identify them and try to reduce stress.

How to prevent stressful situations at work

What to do when you stress? Many transactions or important meetings break down because of the strong emotional and psychological tension between partners. If in the process of meeting the situation escalated, it is best to take some form of action, not to bring all the participants to a stressful situation.

What to do if stress at work

1. Try to change the situation. At the unfavorable end of the previous stage of negotiations is better to conduct the next meeting in the new building or for a change of scenery in the old.

2. If you feel approaching the “boiling point”, then watch their breath. The recommended duration of exhalation should be longer than inhalation.

3. Examine the objects around you, call them to himself. After that it will be easier to convey to the recipient their thoughts.

4. If you know your temperament very “hot”, then mentally count to a hundred. To most people this respite helps a bit to cool down.

Learning to cope with stress

Stress appears suddenly, it is almost impossible to prepare. Such a feature is most dangerous. Stress can begin to manifest itself at the most inopportune moment. To cope with his condition and not make much trouble, follow a little advice from the experts:

1. Try to escape from thoughts that cause stress. The best way to care about who depends on you. Stay longer with the children or their parents. Such thoughts will distract you from the ensuing problems.

2. Physical activity also helps to “unload” the head. You can go to the gym or exercise equipment at home. If this is not possible, then simply stretch and relax the muscles of the whole body, do it alternately, and then the stressful thoughts will ease off from you.

3. If to cope with the situation alone does not work, then be sure to consult a specialist. Psychologists identify the causes of stress and prepare individual recommendations for the exit.

If stress occur, we must act consciously and purposefully. To exit this state, you can use the methods that are divided into two groups: emotional and method of work with the cognitive part of the stress.

Emotional methods

These include relaxation, eating delicious food, a nice warm bath, massage, soft music, etc. it is Necessary to provide the brain a rest. Helps to switch to other activities, passion for a favorite hobby, going to the theatre. Some experts recommend simultaneously activate both hemispheres of the brain, for example, to perform the same movements with your hands and feet.

Method of work with the cognitive part of the stress

Got into a difficult situation, compare current problems with a shared purpose in your life, or problems from other people. Very very good speech and it doesn’t even have the presence of the interlocutor. Stress is thought she is in the right hemisphere of the brain. When you say you unload it, after all, speech is in left hemisphere.

It is worth noting that at the time stressful situation a person wants to do one thing, but when he’s good and calm, then there is a desire to do more. Most often, when you stress people in less protected from his own weaknesses, especially bad habits. If people stopped Smoking and never touched a cigarette for several months, in the case of stress it will definitely smoke again.

Therefore, to overcome stress, we must try not to succumb to the temptation, it is not necessary to seek solace in cigarettes, alcohol or food. It is best to act the opposite. For example, if you encounter a difficult situation that you cannot handle it, you can go shopping, go to the amusement Park, circus or pool. It will distract you from problems, you will have some rest and relax, and this will allow then to find a way out and relieve stress.

If you have loved ones, the stress much easier to overcome. It is important not to close their problems, and try to solve them together. Very often the difficulties that seem insurmountable to one person, another won’t cause a big problem. Share with loved ones, and they will help you.

Previously, scientists have proved that sex during stress is not effective.