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Although in many places, the gyms have already been opened its doors, wants to train the majority of Gym-goers still prefer to stay at home.

No Problem at all – finally Home, you can workout just as effectively designed. Even those who want to train individual parts of the body, you can do this at home.

Crisp and varied

Fitness Influencerin Maddie Lymburner proves, moreover, that not even a lot of time for the Workout it needs to go.

In your current Workout Video on Instagram, the Power woman shows a crisp training session the calls in just twelve minutes the torso once and for all.

A further advantage of the crisp training: You don’t need the Resistance Band is only a little Equipment, the Übungung also certainly varied and, therefore, also a lot of fun in your Workout Routine.

Here’s how: Each of the six Exercise is performed for 45 seconds, then pauses for 15 seconds. The whole run is repeated two Times.

Although the entire Workout in a quarter doesn’t even take an hour, can be addressed pretty much all of the major muscle groups of your upper body: back, biceps, triceps and chest all the way gets to be fat.

What are you waiting for? Grab your Band, a water bottle and you’re set!

1. Back Rows

Maddie starts your Workout with an Exercise that mostly focuses on the muscles in the upper back, but at the same time your arms well is demanding – a lot of fun with the Back Rows.

  • Point you in the shoulder broad stance in the middle of the Band, in each Hand a the end of is located.
  • Bend your legs slightly and lean your torso forward, your head is in extension of the spine.
  • Perform the rowing motion by moving your body makes your elbows sideways to the rear of the pull and controlled back to the front down.

Important: Draw during the entire movement of your shoulder blades actively to the rear. So you will make sure that your back will also be trained adequately.

2. Tricep Extensions

Now that your upper body should be nice and warmed up, it goes directly to your triceps at the collar.

  • Starting position Stand upright, with both hands behind your back.
  • Grab with the top Hand, the one end of the strip and hold with the other Hand, the Band in the middle – not sure that is a good voltage, so that the Exercise is too easy.
  • The Tricep Extensions are you taking now, you should raise your upper Arm up. The lower Arm is not moving, on the other hand.

And don’t forget: After the first Minute, the other Arm is finally on the series.

3. Pull Aparts

For the next Exercise, you can stay directly. Only the grip of the bands you’ve got to change hold on to it with both hands shortly before the End.

  • Consider to perform the Exercise, first of all, your arms should be straight in front of your body in this Position, like a little bit of tension on the tape.
  • Opening and closing your arms in a controlled manner. Try to keep these as static, and the elbow not more of falling or stretch out.

As in the Exercises previously applies here: The tension, the Resistance Band is, the more challenging the execution.

4. Biceps Curls

As the Name of the Exercise suggests, the focus is now firmly on the Muscle fibers of your upper arms.

  • Starting position is again the upright, the width of the hips Stand with legs slightly bent. This Time, however, placed a strand of rubber bands under the feet.
  • The other side of the tape is held with two down, outstretched arms first of all in this Position.
  • Perform the Biceps Curls, you lift your hands together with the rubber band in front of your shoulders and finally back absenkst.

So the Band does not fast during the Exercise, suddenly, under the feet, Maddie placed around each foot extra loop.

5. Chest Fly

The upper body complete workout that follows is a Practice that focuses on your chest muscles.

  • Put you first on the back, the legs are slightly angled.
  • The Band which runs underneath your back, holding with both hands, at the respective Ends in front of your chest.
  • Perform the Chest Fly by you let down your arms simultaneously to the sides, and finally in front of your chest again, follow along. Your arms the whole time, extended stay.

Eighth in the execution of it, to feel the tension, especially in your pectoral muscles.

After this last Minute, you did it! And there’s someone to tell you once, 12 minutes to be effective.

Cornelia Bertram

*The contribution to “Resistance Band Workout: In just 12 minutes for a crisp torso” published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.