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Who wants to have a defined stomach or a six-pack, you should primarily pay attention to his diet – only a small proportion of fat in the abdominal muscles come right to the fore.

In addition, you should exercise this course specifically and the muscle building support.

With the new Home Workout by Anne body kiss, which has divided the Influencerin on YouTube, is that without a Jump and completely possible.

A strong stomach with these 6 Exercises

In the case of correct execution of the Exercises will bring the abdominal muscles to Burn muscle soreness is inevitable.

You only need a Yoga Mat, or similar document on which you can place – and of the you the entire Workout also get.

How to: Perform each Exercise for 40 seconds, in between, you can pause for 20 seconds.

1. Side-To-Side Crunches

For the first Exercise you lie on your Mat and put your feet up with bent knees shoulder-width apart on the Mat and your arms are extended next to the body.

Now you start to grab per a page five times with your Hand in the direction of the heel – then the other side is five times on it.

In order to increase the level of difficulty that you can place your feet a little further away.

2. Leg commute

For the next Exercise, you lie down first, stretched out – you can place your hands as support under your buttocks.

Now, lift your legs and hold them throughout the Exercise on the Mat. Begin now to let your legs to the right and left commute.

If you realize that you can’t hold the Position longer, more pull up the legs a little closer to you and pendle with the legs bent.

3. Crunches

Put yourself in the Position of the first Exercise and place your feet on the Mat. Stretch your arms obliquely upward, in such a way that you form with your angled upper parallel line legs.

Imagine the Exercise that you is something that you grab necessarily want to.

Raise your torso up and get into an upright Position – then it goes back again slowly to the end position.

4. The Candle

Stay for this Exercise in the previous Position and put your arms as a Stabilizer stretched out beside you on the floor.

Winkle, now your legs in the air and lift the hips so that your Butt is over the floor – your knees are at about head height.

Now you go very, very slowly back to the starting position and tense your abdominal muscles.

5. Fly Crunches

Lie down for this Exercise, just on your Mat – your arms are stretched out to the back.

Raise arms and legs and you pull then down, while you pull your knees to the torso and you can imagine it, you’d be a small package.

In the next step, you stretch yourself and put yourself in the starting position.

6. Leg Lifts

For the last Exercise, you place your arms next to your body – here you can put as a support for the hands under your Butt.

Lifting your legs in the air, so they float a piece on the Mat and your head needs to be raised.

Lifting your legs so high that your Butt lifts off of the Mat and your knees are over your head.

Now go back slowly to the starting position.

Antonia Hagedorn

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