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Less muscle soreness by ginger, better fat metabolism with Chili, more minerals, thanks to the turmeric. These three spices are also used as an additional remedy, is now one of the naturopathic one.

Because all three are good helpers against inflammation and for a better Regeneration after Training. In addition, they strengthen the immune system and push the fat metabolism.

In the meantime, the sharp Trio is one of the ‘healthy Basics’ of a modern kitchen.

But there are even more spices that may be missing because of their many advantages in any household – because they sharpen the senses, to give courts the last Health-touches, and by the way, they are also often a great cure-all.

1. Chili

You bite in, bite back you: chili peppers. The sharp Mach Capsaicin is not only annoying fat pads, but also brings the stomach mucous membranes, stronger in flowing. Good, because nutrients can be better absorbed.

Tip: The so-called afterburn effect increases the metabolic activity that burns excess calories. That’s why the body benefits, especially to the Training of the Chili-and-effect.

2. Ginger

The sharpness of the ginger tuber is not only warms toasty from the inside, but also stimulates the digestive system and soothes. Perfect, if the nerves before a race in need of relaxation. Just like Chili, ginger has a metabolism-enhancing effect, anti-oxidant and has a protective effect on the muscles.

The big Plus of this spice: can ginger, during and after the Training are used.

Tip: a tuber organic ginger juice – 3 cl of with 1 cl of lemon as a Shot drink.

3. Turmeric

Suddenly, the Safranwurz all the rage is. Quite rightly, because numerous studies show Power effects.

So scientists at the University of Tsukuba in Japan, that contained in turmeric Curcumin is just as effective for our vascular health, such as an hour of sports.

Thus, the effect is successful, it is recommended a daily intake of 200 mg of Curcumin. The easiest way to rice can be high (and visually) “pimp”. The slightly earthy-spicy Note fits great.

Also as an Extra ingredient in turmeric can give almost any Smoothie a spicy Superfood-based.

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4. Pink Pepper

The “Christmas berries” are much milder than black pepper and also come not from the pepper shrub, but from the Brazilian Schinus tree.

Already the Aztecs, Maya, and Inca took the berries as an anti-bacterial antiseptic and for relief of rheumatism.

5. Ajwain

From Iran and India, the “Royal cumin” comes. Very intense, pungent-bitter flavor reminiscent of thyme.

Economical to use and a prediction of the mortars. In Ayurvedic medicine, ajwain is is used for the relief of indigestion and to reduce Fever.

6. Coriander seed

The spicy seeds, which should always be freshly ground, have already been mentioned in the Old Testament because of its healing effect especially in the case of digestive problems or stomach and intestinal complaints.

Ethereal coriander (from the seeds) is even germicidal.


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