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Smoking is the largest avoidable risk to health, therefore the health Benefits of a smoke-stops very large. This applies at any age and regardless of the history.

And yet, the Cessation is difficult for many – because cigarette and co. are addictive. Responsible for the nerve poison nicotine is. “Smoking is a sort of head thing,” says Wolfgang Behrens, Chairman of the Nichtraucherbunds Berlin-Brandenburg.

Tenacity and little Tricks

If you can’t make it at the first attempt to stop Smoking, one should not despair, therefore, but.

“Who wants to quit Smoking must deal with his Smoking behavior apart and his brain a workout,” explains the expert. It is going to outsmart themselves and habits to break.

Studies show that in Smoking cessation, especially cognitive-behavioral therapy leads to success.

“The psychological dependence can also be used with drugs not absorbed,” explains Prof. Dr. Rainer Thomasius, a psychiatrist at the University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), as well as the Medical Director of the German centre for addiction issues of the child and adolescent (substance use).

A guarantee of success, there is not

“Successful programs are characterized in that they are carried out by well-qualified trainers or instructors, and not a guarantee of success to advertise,” says Michaela Goecke, head of unit for addiction prevention at the Federal centre for health education (BZgA).

The experts recommend the so-called final-point-method: a fixed day is selected, as from no longer Smoking. The mental preparation for this day was crucial.

In the case of a strong physical dependence on nicotine can in addition help to behavioral therapy a replacement therapy it is reduced in the first time, the physical withdrawal symptoms.

Drugs are only second choice

There are also stop drugs to smoke, usually with the active ingredients Bupropion and varenicline. Both are available in pharmacies and require a prescription – and for many professionals is just the second choice, partly because of the high level of side effects.

And what of the many other Offerings? There’s hypnosis, acupuncture, breathing exercises, or Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Thomasius advises against but, rather, the effectiveness of The methods is not scientifically proved.

For every smoker, the right method

“The stop Smoking is a very individual matter,” says BZgA expert Goecke. “For every Smoker, and every smoker matching method, there is not.”

The Federal center supports Aufhörwillige with a broad program: behavior therapeutic group classes, a free telephone consultation or the Online behaviour change programme “smoke-free”.

“Computer – and Internet-based exit programs in Smoking cessation is relatively new,” says Thomasius. “However, it is evidenced that the use can be successful.”

Many smokers are afraid that after the last cigarette, your weight is skyrocketing. And actually there’s a connection, says Goecke: “The metabolic conversion after the smoke stop can lead to a slight weight gain.”

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to a healthy diet and sufficient exercise. Both, but recommend anyway.

Positive effects of quitting Smoking outweigh

“The positive effects of quitting a fast and outweigh all the negative, such as, for example, weight gain,” says Behrens.

The blood pressure lowers, the pulse reached normal number of strokes, the temperature of the hands and feet returns to normal. A stop Smoking is always a health-gain – extra pounds or not.

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