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Light or dark? Dark chocolate is often considered to be the slightly healthier Alternative to whole milk.

The differences are so small that a switch to milk Fans is hardly useful, writes the “New pharmacies-Illustrated” (edition of 15. January 2020).

An important reason for the good reputation for dark chocolate is that it contains more polyphenols are included, which act, for example, an anti-inflammatory.

Therefore, but nobody needs to eat extra dark chocolate, the magazine writes: In the case of an otherwise healthy diet of the person should include such secondary plant substances through the consumption of fruit and vegetables anyway.

Calorie bombs are both varieties: dark chocolate does contain a few calories less, also the sugar content is low, more fat is often.

Overall, there are hardly any differences. The tip, therefore, remains: occasional, conscious chocolate is in order.

The Problem is the candy, if you eat too often, too much of it.

To get to the chocolate consumer in the handle, recommends the magazine in front of all, with no supplies, with giant panels create.

Better individually in chocolate, packaged, or already in pieces split. And who eats but is always too much, can vorportionieren the chocolate and store in the freezer.

Thereafter, the individual pieces melt in the mouth instead of the whole bar to eat and enjoy so be aware.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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