Transfusions of young blood help in senile dementia

Transfusion of young blood ease the symptoms of dementia, allowing patients to cope better with daily activities. To such conclusion researchers from the United States.

If the victim of an incurable senile dementia receive blood transfusions from young people, the patients are subsequently able to better cope with everyday chores. The experiment involved 18 patients with senile dementia, which passed through blood transfusions. It later turned out that they better perform as a simple daily duties like showering and cooking, and better manage travel and travel. However, their General cognitive skills or mood has not changed. Scientists at Stanford University to evaluate the results of the experiment as extraordinary. The methods are considered safe, well tolerated and reliable enough.

The results of this experiment suggest a further study on this issue, although it is still early to talk about whether we can expect the emergence of new methods of treatment of senile dementia. Note that since ancient times the mankind is hoping for a transfusion of young blood into the body of the elderly, as there are suggestions that this has a very different therapeutic effects and can even lead to rejuvenation. However, so far no serious evidence for all these allegations has been received.

The experiment involved a victim of Alzheimer’s disease with a degree from mild to moderate, which течение4 weeks received a transfusion of young frozen plasma from men at the age from 18 to 25 years, or placebo. The age of patients ranged from 50 to 90 years. (READ MORE)