Same-sex parents carried the child together

These same-sex parents entered the history of medicine after were able to bear one child in their bodies. Invaluable experience cost them half the cost of the traditional course of IVF.

Lesbian couple Ashley and bliss Coulter of North Texas is firmly entrenched in the history of medicine after, in a unique experiment, both women were able to bear in your body the same child. The couple went through a revolutionary technique for the treatment of infertility, which allowed them both to take the most direct part in carrying a child. Moreover, the technique itself costs approximately half the regular rate of in vitro fertilization in the United States. During this in vitro fertilization doctors took eggs from 36-year-old bliss, and then fertilized them with donor sperm in the laboratory. The embryo placed in the woman’s body, which over 5 days played the role of incubator. And the embryo was in a device that resembled a corkscrew for champagne.

While the bliss to bear the child not wanted, so the embryo of it removed and transplanted in the 28-year-old Ashley. Then in June of this year on light there was a wonderful boy with a perfectly healthy, weighing 3 kg 800 g. Ashley and bliss met 6 years ago, and in June 2015 they officially got married. Both women hoped to have children, while bliss really wanted biologically own child, which does not need to bear. Typically, lesbian couples have children with donor sperm, with one of his wives bears a child, and second it adopts.

But Ashley and bliss wanted to take equal part in the process. When they heard about the new IVF technique, which they have recommended a friend, I immediately realized that this is exactly what they need. In 2016, they first met with the doctor one of the clinics in Bedford, and then passed through a preparatory stage, found a donor sperm and have successfully carried out the entire procedure. (READ MORE)