In rodiola pink discovered a substance that improves memory

The members of the plant Rhodiola rosea includes a substance which improves memory. This could make sure the scientists of the Institute of plant genetics and study of crops they. Leibniz, in Germany, the results of their study are published in the journal Science Advances.

Rhodiola rosea (Golden or rose root, roseroot) is a medicinal plant that has long been used to treat anxiety and depression. It is believed that Rhodiola rosea preparations stimulate the Central nervous system, improve mental and physical performance.

That substance, part of the Rhodiola rosea, it can improve memory function, scientists have been able to see for example, rodents and flies.

Experts have found that Rhodiola no wonder pink was attributed to the ability to stimulate mental activity. Researchers have isolated from this plant ansilove ether ferulic acid or FAE-20, improves the performance of memory. In experiments on flies, a substance that could improve memory for third. Similar results and the experiment conducted with the participation of rodents.

“FAE-20 prevents age related the excessive accumulation of proteins in the synapses – connections between nerve cells in the brain,” – said the authors of the study on the effects of substances of Rhodiola rosea.
Now, specialists intend to test whether this component is to improve memory and man. On the basis this substance may be developed drugs that protect against age-related memory problems.

Note that Rhodiola rosea also known for its ability to regulate glucose levels in the blood, improve resistance to infections and harmful environmental influences. Doctors recommend Rhodiola patients with arterial hypotension after infectious diseases.

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