Peanut Allergy has become an epidemic

The peanut Allergy is becoming epidemic, as the number of cases of this deadly reaction the body has grown three times over the last two decades. We are talking about the manifestations of Allergy among children.

Peanut Allergy, which can have deadly consequences, has become a real epidemic among children, as stressed by the experts from new York. So, if this Allergy in 1997, faced one child out of every 250, today it is one child out of every 70. According to scientists, the cause of the spread of allergies is the obsession with purity, where children are not allowed to play outside in the sandbox, on earth and in other not so clean conditions. As a result, they encounter bacteria, as their immune system is not strengthened by such training. All this makes kids very vulnerable to deadly diseases, including peanut Allergy.

Cases of Allergy is often over very upsetting. New year holiday 2017 15-year-old Englishwoman Megan Lee died from a severe allergic reaction after she regaled Indian fast food, delivered to your home. The girl initially warned that she is allergic to nuts, and the café has promised that they will not be used.

Experts stress that when a person has a powerful allergies to nuts, his life can be compared to navigating a minefield. Each meal on the side, every snack, every party or meeting could end very sad. According to conservative estimates, in each class at least two students suffer from peanut allergies. Magicforum recalls that Allergy is called a powerful reaction of the immune system which mistakenly perceives a particular food as a threat and triggers the protection. (READ MORE)