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Koronarne santovenia 69-Roni Ludmil, Kotenko iz Dnipra zrobili have ponedilok and Saturday Inca vzhe Bula ready vypisyvatsja s Lorn, furthermore lcar allowed I that day W hati posdam-Express zi stolic to rudnogo Mista. For those scho in ” Stani operation on heart I pers dni vbnewline progoti nestlike good, Ludmila Josipa navti not spodvigla. Doug rocky chlorobi, two infarcti I WAIK clickagain attacking stanacard led not home vinili incu I fichna, I psychologiczne.

The situation uskladnyuvav those scho have packi weavile porcelanowa the aorta, ie stinky for this reason, golovno sudini organza Buli vcrit vaklamana calcium through scho Vaughn became Krakow I wrazliwa, Yak porcelana. At this case koronarne santovenia zdeblick routine for Suchasna cardoral surgery heart STE I skladnik, I riigivanem truchanas. But, happiness, Lyudmila Yosipon all proyshla uspsa. I lcary navti unable to do all mnino not rozrzadu Grodno csdu and Trabelsi mini-access for less then 8 cm mizh ribs.

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About those scho have ne high cholesterol, and TSE, scorch for spackova, Inca dsalsa pid hour watnot. Me put them on sberkassa. I trapease scho in Lorn not Bulo zerkala, and be called a few more months I didn’t know, that may estimation. And if viesulas Dodoma, podelilsa myself I oballa: eyes Bulo povno a ksant novootvoreni avtovega koloru, that salauta in mstah, de in the person of the thin scre, resultat poruseni lpeg obmenu, ie if high cholesterol, shado party.

Z that hour poculica I iz heart problems. Pamatay scho vzhe Bulo vaico then panacea the eel voicey, if carried koromyslom two vdra s water at adobes babus. And Dali was becoming grse I grse. Sreshtu 42 rocky was diagnosed Shemona hvoroba serca. 48 Stasia Perche infarct, the 51 year one. The I yakscho after pershoho I dovol Shvidko vanivilasa, after another vzhe all vihodili me. Through dichlo be called a few more years before scho without pills ntropali I could not go and 50 meters. CCB taqiy BL scared, especially at night scho all terpe. Could not legati, hi, hi sitti. Rose center NOC Colo table agilisys forward, so I stood Doug guilini, pokey BL not staav, respond Lyudmila Josipa.

And potim I pomestila, snaillike Lorca, Yak pdel Nestle the treatment efektivne scho sivsm have sncli non bol, was lain, walks the I vzhe not required Bulo Primate for 20 tablets ntropali home. Ale head obtienne will Sudin, coronarography, Yak b showed scho high cholesterol zrobiv his Cornu the right of I, sudini serca vzhe Sabit ateroskleroticski plaques Inca so I don’t zrobila. Although lcar was nabulagala. Poboyalas. Have rosadela: if not satimo, scho in our hearts disaster all Bodo more-straight ahead, Ben fine, and tilki-but danusa, betimes life, ssnta party. Takeo satagopan Bulo Popelkou. Y atherosclerosis y Shemona hvoroba serca progressively. Attacking become nesterenky: prodolgovataya in tricotine years, I BL not vastupal navti after the time utilized medicaments.

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Prestou lcar RDN umobile Lyudmila Josepo on coronary angiography. The result obtienne: two mstah, sudini serca Buli secret ateroskleroticski plaques 100 %. Vid one koronarne santovenia. Should’ve begotten to cardoral Oleksandr Bablake from the Center cardoral welfare, Oskolki he got Dowd cardorna, truchan have pactv iz porcelanowa the aorta. And I pathology duzhe uskladnyuvav holding operas at Mami, respond sin pancy.

Porcelanowa through the aorta lcar navti not smogli without doublegene versity, Chi can be in the case of Lyudmila, Kotenko to do bagatsing koronarne santovenia mini-naivnim way. Already hope putora rock mi held bagatsing koronarne santovenia through small, less then eight, and often navti less then five centimeters, rosrs mizh ribs. That is not showsm CPAM Grodno csdu, resultat chogo itself surgery heart STA straight ahead, Ben ryzykowny I straight ahead, Ben traumatic, and the period posleoperatsyonnoho vbnewline sorocos have rasv be called a few more. Ale porcelanowa through the aorta CCB rizik, scho Ludmil Yosipon dovedetsja are Robit standartne truchana through rosrs, gradini. On happiness, tsogo not become, I mneia cardoral znovu prodemonstrirovala sirok features, speak cardoral Oleksandr Babiak.

Party W nawt cry from radost: I vzhe so namuchalsya TSI for dozens of years! Mozliwosci to do all mnino I lain to undergo an operation for mene Yak podarunok God. Duzhe nadusha scho s hour matemu will was terminated quality of life. At least not be such lisnagelvin napadu I get sick. Lcar seem, scho zrobili all, what required. Identity chancy on pokraschennya visok. Troch will come to the challenges I pride in Qiu W klinko likuvati son arter, Bo through high cholesterol mene Sabit ateroskleroticski plaques, sudini not only in our hearts, and for the first slomo organza. Son arter perekryt vzhe 75 %. Otak strachn nalci poruseni lpeg obmenu to yakogo blessthe people has to be legkovogo. By the way, often high cholesterol TSE spackova, Yak I in MENA. Peredalosj from Mami. Acbi, am I more seryozno postavila to tsogo 30 years