6 products that can provoke a stroke

Improper diet invariably is called by experts one of the main factors causing the development of stroke. What products is better to refuse, to reduce the chance of brain stroke?

According to the Russian dietitian Elena Tolokonnikova, typical food provocateur stroke is fast food. The fast food contains a lot of fat, and eaten with literally every portion of the walls of blood vessels is delayed more cholesterol. These deposits form the atherosclerotic plaque is clogging their blood vessels and causing a stroke. Nutritionist, believes that food products can be eaten no more than once per month.

Besides, to provoke the development of processes that lead to the stroke, can use of sugary carbonated drinks. The sugar contained in these drinks in huge quantities, instantly absorbed by the body, and this feature does not Bode well. Sugar worsens the condition of the vascular tissues, and in addition, drinking a daily soda increases the risk of developing diabetes of the second type. People with diabetes are automatically stored in the risk group for stroke.

Another product from the number of instigators of stroke is red meat. A nutritionist claims that the elderly people had better not eat red meat, which unih the pressure increases. It is better to prefer foods such as white meat poultry or fish.

Also from the point of view of possible development of stroke can be dangerous products-semi-finished products, eliminating the need to cook and require only heating. These foods have plenty of preservatives to ensure their long storage. Regular consumption of semi-finished products leads to the deposition of salts in the vessels and cholesterol: the higher the concentration, the higher the likelihood of stroke.

For protection from stroke, the doctor recommends to strictly control the use of products of sausage production. Contained in the sausage fat quickly “clog” the blood vessels – in addition to lipid components, in sausage products contains a large assortment of flavorings, salt, artificial additives.

Another product that can bring the stroke, -mayonnaise. It is better to use an alternative – yogurty dressing or sour cream, or mayonnaise to cook your own. The doctor warned that the finished mayonnaise is a product that is teeming with harmful fats that lead to a sharp increase in blood cholesterol, clogging the lumen of the blood vessels and thereby provoking the onset of stroke.

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