Genetic tests to select embryos with a high IQ will become the norm

According to the publication New Scientist, the firm of Genomic Prediction has begun negotiations with several companies in the United States involved in IVF. We are talking about the production of genetic tests that will allow the conception of a child using this procedure in advance to identify and discard embryos with a low IQ. Although these tests are considered to be ethically controversial, the circumstances are such that they most likely already quite soon will become the norm.

How realistic is it to carry out genetic tests on embryos to detect the risk of some diseases and the level of intelligence? Humanists consider that this is breeding anti-human. In medicine, these genetic tests are not used. But, apparently, only so far. Scientists themselves admit that the practice of such testing will become the norm over time. As stated by geneticist at the University of Queensland Peter Vischer, the use of tests to select embryos that have the preconditions of high intelligence, “disgusting, but technologically possible.”

In Genomic Prediction, the company engaged in the development of genetic tests, abandoned the idea to identify embryos with a potentially high level of IQ that were destroyed “less intelligent”. They stopped for tests to determine the predisposition to serious diseases. But the company believes that other firms will still do the practice testirovanija embryos for intelligence is the norm in the very near future.

“I think the people themselves will demand it. If we don’t do that, make another company,” said co-founder of the company Steven Xu.
The tests that have learned to hold in his company, help to identify the potential risk of heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes first and second type, of irritable bowel syndrome and other disorders, including anomalies of mental development. Appreciating these achievements, many scientists are convinced: to identify embryos with the highest IQ after that all will go inevitably.

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