A scientist from China created the world’s first GMO children

Scientist from China, claims to have created the world’s first genetically modified children. The light appeared two girls that are “tuned” to the exclusion of HIV infection.

Scientists from Shenzhen Hae Yankui said that took part in creating the world’s first genetically modified humans in his laboratory. The twin girls went through editing DNA using a powerful new tool that can rewrite some fragments of the genome. This work was conducted with the purpose to give the GM girls full protection from HIV infection, which can develop into incurable AIDS. Note that the genetic modification of human beings is prohibited in many countries because it is considered unethical from a scientific and moral point of view.

The researcher said that the impact of genetic modification on the embryos of several couples during the treatment of their infertility and one pregnancy it has gone far enough. Its purpose is not the treatment or prevention of hereditary diseases and the creation of the human body resistance against infections, including HIV. He said that the girl’s parents gave full consent, but they refused to give their names. Also, the scientist refused to tell what city these girls, and in General, when it was carried out all this work. Independent scientific confirmation of the words Ho Ankua also not received the results of his genetic modification is not published in any respected scientific journal, where they would be able to evaluate other experts.

His recognition of the scientist was made on Monday at an international conference on the editing of genes, which was held in Hong Kong. Later, the scientist confirmed the statement in an interview with the Agency “associated press”. He said that he feels huge responsibility, as it delivers the entire scientific community example. But humanity must make a decision about whether to still allow this kind of humane, in his opinion, activities in the area of GMOs. (READ MORE)