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The Internet für make use of their own health? A lot of question already before a visit to the doctor "Dr. Google". Here you will learn what criteria you should pay attention to

Source of information: most of The German information in the network üabout health

More than the Hähalf of the German information online üabout health topics. In front of the computer or the Smartphone, you to research symptoms and treatment methods, looking for the best Ädoctors. In social networks they share with other stakeholders.

The demand for health content from the network is increasing steadily. The offer is größhe and vielfäthe genuine – but also unüreview. The following seven aspects should help to separate the wheat from the chaff and möas verläto find reliable information on the Internet.

1. What Google says?

The order of the Links that spits out the search engine says nothing üabout the Seriosität of the listed websites. This can be evaluated better if you look at the website critically. Sometimes also Display the mix with the hits.

2. Which seal are good?

The HON-Code (Health on the net) or Afgis-seal. Both show whether websites formal Qualitärequirements erfücases. You say but nothing darüabout whether the content of voices. Also pages without a seal köcan seriös.

3. Who is behind the site?

The offer unabh&auml should;regardless, not one-sided interests are to be driven. Who is behind the page, you recognize, on the basis of the logo or imprint. Important: users of müshot advertising is clearly distinguishable from the editorial content of köcan.

4. What is the origin of the article?

A date is mandatory. Because in medicine st&auml come;completely new methods and medicines on the market. Therefore, it is important to know the age of an article. Sometimes the authors give also, when the Text was last updated.

5. Where did you get the Info?

Seriöse pages, lists, what sources have you used in the preparation of the article. Which experts? What studies show the effect of a Drug? Who is the author of the article is? What qualification he has?

6. The more, the better?

Yes. Before you Believe the information on a page, you should see a second or third website. Not always clear whether the information is still current.

7. Network instead of a doctor?

The Internet can never persöpersonal contact replace. In seriösen Online articles, therefore, usually also of note: No Information is spared the visit to the doctor or pharmacist.

Read außalso in the Bulletin of the apotheken Umschau from 1. März 2018, what are the other effects of the Internet and social media on our health and behavior have:

  • How you communicate with the Ädoctors affect
  • How you can help the self-management of diseases
  • Why you save time
  • What the experts say self-help groups in the network
  • What experience hypochondriac, if you are to Cyberchondern

and how to get to the Privatsphäre the Research on the net schüshould etching.

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