Drunk Japanese pilot managed to intercept before takeoff

In London’s Heathrow airport arrested a Japanese pilot who was about to fly. It turned out that the alcohol level in his blood was 10 times higher than normal.

Security staff at London Heathrow airport detained a 42-year-old pilot, Japan Airlines, Katsutoshi Jitsukawa for 50 minutes before he was supposed to levitate your liner and send it in the direction of Tokyo. The man was carried out through a special test that involves breathing into a special tube to determine the level of alcohol. The same analyzers are used for car drivers. You can imagine the shock of the staff of service of medical inspection when they saw that the alcohol content in the blood of the pilot in 10 times exceeds an upper threshold. In other words the pilot was drunk.

As reported by informed sources, the pilot, who could hardly stand on his feet, managed to intercept a miracle. The bus driver, who drove this pilot to the plane, was just overwhelmed by the smell of fumes in the cabin and reported it to security. The pilot had to sit at the helm of the Boeing-777 aircraft and up in the air 244 passengers. On Thursday held a preliminary hearing in local British court, where the Japanese pilot was found guilty of exceeding dose limits alcohol and endangering people’s lives.

The court found that the analysis showed the level of alcohol in 189 mg per 100 ml of blood, while the maximum allowable is the measure of 20 mg of alcohol per 100 ml. the Maximum permissible level of blood alcohol for driving in Britain is 80 mg. the Pilot remains in prison, his sentence, he will hear on November 29 in a British court. It is possible that he will have a prison sentence which he would continue to serve their sentences at home. Probably his career will end. (READ MORE)