Women are treated for heart attacks in two times worse than men

Thousands of women die needlessly from heart attacks because they receive less treatment than men. To such conclusion the British scientists.

The study showed that thousands of women needlessly die from heart attacks, because they just worse treated than men. Only in England and Wales the bad treatment led to the death of more than 8 200 women for 10 years, according to conservative estimates.The authors of the study found that many people, including doctors and patients, sincerely believe heart disease is a male problem. Women often write off the symptoms of heart attacks for such disorders as indigestion or muscle pain, much later when you seek help of doctors.

However, even if the woman is still in the hospital, the doctors are very often wrong diagnosed, which means that women miss two times more heart attacks than men. By itself this error with a diagnosis can be fatal because of the late beginning of treatment even for a few minutes greatly reduces the likelihood of patient survival. Scientists from the University of Leeds, who conducted the study, believe that people are still under the influence of dangerous misconceptions about what heart attacks are only in men but not in women.

Magicforum recalls that in the case of heart attacks and strokes, the likelihood of preserving life and the patient’s recovery fully depends on how quickly he will provide medical assistance. The delay in medical assistance lead to irreversible consequences, including permanent loss of certain vital functions or disability, and death. Unfortunately, in the world a heart attack is perceived exclusively male disease that harms women who are facing this dangerous violation of the heart. (READ MORE)