New vaccine against HIV will experience in Moscow

Next year on the basis of the Moscow city center of prophylaxis and AIDS should take place testing a new HIV vaccine, which is one of the most promising to date. The use of a new vaccine frees patients from the constant medication.

Plans to test a new vaccine against HIV in Moscow in 2019, said chief freelance specialist on diagnostics and treatment of HIV infection Destava capital, head of Moscow city center of prophylaxis and fighting AIDS, Alexei Mazus. According to him, the effect of the new vaccine is that the patient for a long time will be able to do without the drug use. While patients do not produce resistance to the therapeutic substance. Thanks to the new vaccine significantly reduced the cost of treatment.

“Plan to start test. This next year, trials will last at least several years,” said Mazus.
He added that if the vaccine will experience successful, its implementation will be performed not less than three years.

In December 2017, the Deputy UN Secretary-General, Michel sidibé, said that the number of new HIV cases Russia ranks third in the world after South Africa and Nigeria. Alexey Mazus noticed that annually in Moscow revealed more than 3 thousand cases of HIV infection. At the same time, the expert explained that “Moscow remains one of the least infected capitals in the world.”

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