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With ash Wednesday the Christian season of lent will be ushered in, which lasts traditionally until Easter.

To refrain for six weeks to volunteer on food or certain luxury goods, is also in Germany is increasingly becoming a Trend.

According to a DAK-study each year to participate, approximately 60 percent of the respondents lent, 73 percent were able to imagine it at least, to fasting.

However, the radical renunciation is easy. No matter, whether you of candy, alcohol, TV watching, or completely solid food drain want, the following tips will help you with your projects through.

1. Setting realistic goals

You have never fasted, and you want to now on any food you give? This is maybe not a good idea. It is better to concentrate on a few unhealthy foods you want to omit in the time of lent.

So it is easier to stay on the Ball. Radical fasting-the fasting cure are better, if you already have experience.

2. Extra a lot of tea to drink

Biscuits, cakes and co. are during fasting in General, taboo – tea is allowed in all variants! Both herbal and fruit teas, or green tea, super are suitable to work around cravings for sweets.

Anyone who finds it difficult to pass up that Dessert, you should try it with Stevia-sweetened tea or varieties, such as chocolate, Apple Crumble, and Cinnamon.

But also peppermint or Brennesseltee are recommended, as they slow down the hunger feelings.

3. Think positive

With a positive attitude will enable you to realize your goals. You always keep in front of you, what are you reasons you decided to fast have.

And you can look forward to the day that you drink back to normal eating, watching TV, or Allkohol “can’t”.

Who knows, maybe you you decide or even to practice using the fast phase, in addition to waiver?

4. To relieve discomfort

Fasting can be accompanied by dizziness or Nausea. Against these typical complaints, for example, brush massages, Rosmarintee or slight movement will help.

In the case of headaches, walks in the fresh air and a sufficient amount of drink can have a soothing effect. Experts also recommend, in the case of a hangover to put a hot compress to the back of the neck.

5. Time aware use

Don’t think about the luxuries that you can’t consume. The time you save, for example, for cooking, or shopping, or television use, for other things that make you happy. Or activities that are normally to short.

Whether you read a book, solve crossword puzzles, knitting, or with your best friend phone calls – the main thing is, it will not be bored.

6. New rewards can be found

Even during fasting, small rewards are allowed. Instead of chocolate or cheese spaetzle, you should reward yourself with little things such as sugar-free candies, a new magazine or a new Pair of shoes.

On the way, the absence of security is much more bearable.

Julia Are

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