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Do you think your abdominal muscles are in tip-top shape, and the six-pack is just a few Crunches?

Then the new Abs-Challenge of Fitness is made YouTuberin MadFit for you. Five different abdominal exercises, 25 repetitions, four sets. The sum of crisp 500 Reps.

For this Workout you need no Equipment, to a training Mat and a bit of space.

MadFit is recommended before the Workout, a short Warm-up. A Mix of Cardio and Stretching prepares the body for the stress and helps prevent injury.

In the following the six pack Challenge, a Cool down is advisable.

Challenge accepted? How it works:You follow the 5 Exercises consecutively 25 Times. Only then there is a short Pause. 4 rounds of pull-through.

1. Mountain Climber

Starting position is the push-up: hands are placed directly under the shoulders and the Po is not soaked up.

Alternately, the knee forward powerfully between the arms bring. The faster the Tempo, the more you burn the muscles. But: Only perform correctly, then the Tempo will increase.

2. Side-to-Side Crunches

Started in the supine position, the feet stand firmly on the ground. Now, with straight arms, turn the torso to the side in the direction of the heels move. The shoulder blades lift off the floor.

3. Single Leg Crunch

Is started again in the supine position, the legs are bent to 90 degrees. Make sure that the knees are not pulled too close to the torso. In exchange, the legs extend forward towards the floor.

Important: The legs only as far as controls move to the bottom, like the lower back touches the floor. Avoiding a hollow back!

4. Russian Twist

In the seat and the legs firmly on the floor, or lifting. Hands before the breast fold and move the torso from side to side. The head turning and the hands are each short on the floor next to the hip tap.

5. Leg Switches

From the back on both elbows, chest, jacking – out. and the legs stretched in the Switch to move up and down without the feet touching the ground.

Stefanie Naumann

*The article “5 Exercises, 500 reps: can you Make the new six-pack-Challenge of MadFit?” is published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.