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The frequent washing of hands in the Corona of a pandemic will lead to the evaluation of skin doctors that more and more people itchy Hand to develop eczema.

“Soap attacks the skin barrier,” said the dermatologist, Christoph Skudlik. The 52-Year-old is the chief doctor of the Institute iDerm based at the University of Osnabrück and the BG hospital Hamburg.

Wear eczema on the hands are annoying, also in the pre-damaged skin could settle more pathogens.

Alcoholic disinfectant for atopic dermatitis

Who tend anyway to eczema, you should use alcoholic hand disinfectant, advised the doctors. In addition, the patient should go for skin problems to a specialist.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is the disinfection of the hands with effective tested alcoholic preparations, in health care and in the care of the “method of choice”.

Outside of these areas, the disinfection of hands in situations can be washed, where the hands well, no advantage in terms of the inactivation of Sars-CoV-2, wrote the RKI.

In this case, pH should be a neutral detergent with as few additives uses advised dermatologist Skudlik.

The Use of alcoholic disinfectants the skin could burn though, said Skudlik, who is also the Chairman of the working group for occupational and environmental dermatology (ABD). “But that’s not a sign of a harmfulness of alcohol, but only occurs if the skin is already irritated or injury.”

The alcohol disinfection is scientific studies show that significantly less skin stressful than dasHändewaschen. After each Wash or Disinfect the hands should be Creamed thoroughly, said the skin doctor.

When nurses Hand eczema is particularly common

According to his data, every third Employed in nursing has called once in a year with a Hand-eczema. In the General population, it was the year of every Ten. The itchy redness and cracking can pull out infections and allergies, and to an inability to work lead.

Also, the frequent and prolonged Wearing of rubber gloves can have skin problems. In the Corona-pandemic is not only the health and care professions, but also hairdressers, cooks, Employees in the retail or package offered affected.

According to a publication by dermatologists from Wuhan in China, 75 percent of employees in the Health, the Covid-19-patients cared for, the skin developed lesions on the hands.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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