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Some swear by garlic, while others Vitamin C. it Is alleged panacea to counter the threat of Corona infection seem to the imagination hardly any limits.

Social media is touted for immunization or treatment also “colloidal silver”, also “silver water” is called.


Colloidal silver will kill viruses and is therefore suitable for the treatment of a Corona-disease, or for prevention.


Researchers hold such promise for frivolous and even warning of damage to health. There are no conclusive studies on the effectiveness of silver water against the Coronavirus.


The medical use of silver was already known in antiquity, among other things, for the treatment of wounds. Around 1900, colloidal silver, i.e. dissolved in the water, tiny particles of Silver, a popular disinfectant was.

Even today, there are wound dressings and ointments with silver.

With the discovery of penicillin and other antibiotics, the use of silver decreased-containing medicinal products, but has experienced a Renaissance in alternative medicine.

In the light of the Corona pandemic, numerous Internet sites now offer solutions for the purchase and suggest that silver water can kill the Virus.

Scientific evidence from manufacturers and suppliers claimed efficacy against the Virus yet.

“Whether the Drinking of colloidal silver may have something to align against pathogens such as the Coronavirus, has never been explored seriously,” write physicians at the Danube University Krems in Austria.

Although laboratory showed experiments that silver solutions could combat in a test tube disease-causing micro-organisms.

It could not, however, conclude that colloidal silver work in the human body against pathogens.

In 1999, the US food and drug administration had warned the FDA against the use of colloidal silver and the use of appropriate medicines is very.

Recently, the authority went against several suppliers in the USA, the consumers would be mistaken to “fraudulent” way, colloidal silver can be immunized against Coronavirus.

Also, the US health authority, the NIH makes it clear: “the effectiveness or positive effects for the body through the ingestion of silver are known.”

On the contrary, Is consumed the metal particles in the solution can discolor the skin permanently blue-gray.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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