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In the case of knowledge around a healthy diet have weaknesses, according to a survey, many German citizens.

Just under 52 percent of the respondents, a problematic nutritional competence was – at about 46 percent was sufficient, as a study by the Federal Association of the General local sickness funds (AOK) showed.

Here, 53 percent of the women had adequate nutrition literacy, while among men, 38 percent.

In the case of young adults between 18 and 24 years, 37 percent of the respondents had, therefore, adequate nutrition literacy.

For the investigation reported in January, almost 2,000 people from 18 to 69 years, were asked about eight topics.

These include the Compare products, private preparation of food, planning of meals throughout the day, eating together, and the ability to, for example, sweets to resist included.

From this, four categories of nutrition literacy: excellent, adequate, problematic, and inadequate, there were at the end.

Healthy eating: Helps in the food traffic light?

The greatest difficulties arose in the case of the competence “healthy Comparison”, as it was said. Therefore, it is high time that the nutritional logo ‘Nutri-Score’ will also be introduced in Germany, said the head of the AOK-Federal Association, Martin Litsch.

“However, it is worth nothing that the food industry is allowed to place the marking of nutrients according to desire and mood on your products.”

Needed a commitment to be. The French System involves, besides the content of sugar, fat and salt recommended components, such as dietary fibre in a overall rating, and specifies a single value on a colored scale from green to red.

The Chairman of the nutrition Commission of the German society for child and adolescent medicine, Berthold Koletzko, of the decline in the skills reported for the independent preparation of meals from basic food at young parents.

“This is also problematic, because the finished products contain regularly a lot of calories, sugar, saturated fat and salt.”


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