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‘The calendar is now so full, there’s no sport unit fits in…’ – this excuse, you can now unfortunately not more use.

With proper planning and execution of even the shortest Workout can be very demanding and your body to the limits – that’s a promise.

So short and yet effective

Coach Kofi from Hamburg in front of you in our YouTube Video how to do it: In only 100 seconds, you will go out with this intense HIIT certainly run out of steam.

Within the crisp workout, ten seconds of stress, alternating with ten seconds of rest.

There is an Exercise that is always popping up again – the Skipping. This complete you exercises, alternating with five different full body.

Guaranteed, every muscle strand is raised in your body and required – without the need for extra Equipment.

The correct warming-up before Training

Since your body is exposed to during the workout a high load, it is important that you warm up thoroughly and stretch.

Kofi recommends the World’s Greatest Stretch.

“This Exercise I got. Also, regardless of the Training, like always in life, because it involves all of the joints,” explains Kofi.

  • Start in the upright position. Bow down to the ground until your hands touch these.
  • Now put a Hand in front of the other and go so further and further down until you are in the upright pushup are position.
  • Take in this Position your left foot forward so it is next to your hands. Your rear leg remains stretched.
  • Sink your whole body to the ground and to rotate, finally, with the left-hand side, you stick your left Arm toward the ceiling.

Do this rotary motion for at least three repetitions, then the right side of the row.

After you have prepared your body for the coming sweat-inducing seconds, it is already happening – give it your all.

1. Skipping

This intense endurance exercise will get you the next few seconds to your Limit.

  • Take a stable positions: hip-wide Stand, with the legs slightly bent. Sliding your hips slightly to the rear. To keep your back straight and Flex your abdominal active.
  • The Skipping itself lead you only to the ball of the foot, as fast as you can.
  • During the Exercise, you can move your arms dynamically.

“The brings the pulse very quickly; you will be surprised”, motivated by Kofi. And don’t worry about it, if you’re going from lap to lap slower. This is quite normal and only shows that you’re really going all.

2. Predator Jumps

This Exercise will not only raise your heart rate even further up, challenges you at the same time, your muscles.

  • Output position is the upright pushup position. Make sure that your hands are in a stable state under your shoulders.
  • The Jumps themselves are very simple: just Jump in with both feet to the front and back.
  • Change each time you leap forward, however, the direction: to the left and right to your hands.

“Since it is not conserved, since it is really gone to the Extreme,” recalls Kofi.

The Predator Jumps to the Skipping again on the series, before it goes to the next Exercise.

3. Tap Jumps

If you’re really full of Power, you will remember, certainly, that even a few seconds can be exhausting. Time to Rest is not yet, for now, the Tap Jumps to follow.

  • Jump to it from the upright Stand, power full to the top.
  • Put on during the jump your knees in front of your body and clap with both hands on your thighs.

You will remember: This Exercise, to fires both your lungs and your leg muscles properly. Your power will thank you for it.

4. Star Jumps

And because jumps can be gorgeous stressful, here comes yet another Exercise with these Star Jumps. “This is a combination of Squat Jumps and Jumping Jacks,” explains Kofi.

  • Start in a slight squat, your feet are positioned quite closely.
  • Jump from this Position to the top and open both your legs and your arms – like a Jumping Jack in the air.

As usual, a round of Skipping and then again before it goes with a new Exercise more.

5. Explosive Push-Ups

Since, to date, especially your legs were required, the next Exercise the upper body.

  • Goes to you in the upright pushup position. Depending on the power level, the Exercise can be run either on the feet or knees.
  • Complete well as powerful Push-Ups – you can also like to really from the ground pull the trigger.

Then a last round as follows Skipping, before you’re even arrived at the last Exercise. “You will all be Skipping to Skipping round round to mine, I promise you.”

6. Low Lung Jumps

Although it’s only been a few seconds, you’re already exhausted pretty? Good! The last Exercise calls for you, yet so right.

And so you’re really at your Limit, are designed this lung Jumps a little more difficult – you stay the whole time, deep, so your leg muscles have to work hard.

  • Output position is the deep lunge.
  • Run from this Positon, the Jumps, by switching your leg position. Caution: Your hip stays in the deep, you jump not far to the top.
  • The arms, you can take the side of your body momentum.

“This gives you the Rest!” After you’ve given here, once again, really all you’re already.

Who had not said again, that a short Training is exhausting?

Cornelia Bertram

*The contribution of “100 seconds HIIT: The perfect Workout for in-between” will be released by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.