Mentally is a slap in the face – the chronically Ill struggling with the pension insurance

You can see in the Video, why the chronically Ill of the pension insurance in the stitch feels left.

That said, I’m being punished for it, that I decided to for go to Work.

Sarah bärsch envy is emotional words to your Instagram Community.

The 25-Year-old is chronically ill. 2018 was taken from a large part of the intestine.

That’s why she hopes to have the financial support of the pension system, but this leaves you in the lurch.

Now I have only 90 centimeters to one Meter of the small intestine. Normally you have three to five meters. Now I got also a Central point of access, via the I infusions attachments. I’m in pain a lot of Vitamin deficiencies and getting bad diarrhea and stomach and such complaints. I am also fairly easily broken, of course.

Many people can no longer work with the short bowel syndrome, but Sarah has fought back to life.

Because one thing is for Nuremberg, Germany, in spite of their disease is clear: they want to continue to work

I then found, four to four and a half hours are possible to work, of course, not a layer more. I have had periods of regular work. I work sometimes on weekends or holidays, but never more than five days at a stretch. Such conditions were created then. But I can’t get it to work longer. The work is physically easy. That was me actually, last year in August already be aware that I can not 100 percent.

Thanks for your understanding, the heads of the 25-Year-old is allowed to work part-time.

However, of the 50 per cent salary you can’t live with that.

In early March, Sarah has an appointment with a medical expert makes your hope.

Then has told, me the disability pension is, in any case. This disease is extremely rare and also very serious. So I could have a full disability pension, the entitled.

Despite the Chance to full unemployment pension, the children would like to work nurse in your profession.

That’s why I said, it would be nice if I could get a partial disability pension.

In mid-April, Sarah gets after a long Wait finally Post: The answer of the pension scheme is a shock – your application for unemployment pension was rejected.

This is, of course, mentally is a slap in the face, if you get a response. That you will get no support, if it is already so gravely ill. You must deal with a lot of things around the ears with it. And if you are then left hanging.

According to the Federal pension insurance, Sarah does not meet the requirements for a permit.

The Problem is that you always have to have a certain number of months paid, so that the will be paid. The 60 months, you must have paid in. I had to the point where I become ill, which was in July 2018, as the appraiser, the date set, the I from the some-day work to a degree am. By this time I had pays first 58 months.

Sarah feels the policy is abandoned.

For me, this is very illogical, that you get the money, if you stay at home sitting on the Couch doing nothing, or only to a small degree, goes to work. But especially when you are working in a system relevant to the profession, the conditions are right, it doesn’t make you sicker, if you are working, in addition, pension contributions, pays no support, for me this is quite illogical.

There are, according to Paragraph 53 in the code of social law visit even a special provision in the case of full incapacity for work:

“In certain cases, the General qualifying period may be met prematurely if the disability has occurred, for example, by an accident at work or within 6 years after training. The early Latency performance is then tested, if a full acquisition of impairment exists.“

The star asks for the pension insurance:

“The insurance legal requirements for a claim to

Pension due to full or partial incapacity are the same.“

From the special scheme in respect of the full unemployment pension is no mention in the Statement of the Federal pension insurance.

However, as a chronically Ill of 1100 euros a month to live?

“Not enough income for the necessary costs of living, can

supplementary social assistance or in the case of full acquisition reduction – basic security

be applied.“

Sarah feels unfairly treated. With your Video, you want to gain attention for the topic. And the 25 succeeding Years also. Your message will be shared on Instagram often.

My main idea was to be able to spread the Video so that it gets to the relevant politicians. I as a small Person, have written three politicians directly. The messages were not of course read it yet, or I don’t know whether they have been read. In any case, I didn’t get any answers. I thought to myself maybe it brings Yes but what if I place it online. And really time will show what happens with young people who are chronically ill, and the work want to go. This is just a stupids law now. There are not so many cases, but there are some. I wanted to show how difficult it is for a da is made.