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The Federal Ministry for risk assessment surveyed at regular intervals in the population to their assessment of the situation in relation to the novel Coronavirus and the associated restrictions.

The current ‘Corona-Monitor’, according to the number of those who fear that the Coronavirus might have a strong impact on their own health, again an all-time low.

It was at the beginning of the pandemic, 37 percent – and in the meantime, even 40 percent, only 26 percent of the respondents think that the health effects of Coronavirus could be great for you.

Why make people feel suddenly safer?

It is up to the trust in the government and measures or a lot of people no longer believe that the risk posed by the Coronavirus, is correctly assessed and communicated?

About 40 percent of the people consider the risk assessment of the media now is exaggerated; since mid-April this number increased by six percentage points.

In the age group of 40 – to 59-Year-old almost every Second is even of the view that the risk of the Coronavirus’ll be stylized by the media.

Consequently, also the acceptance for many of the measures to contain the Virus drops. Only 72 percent of the contact restrictions to be acceptable, since the beginning of may, the acceptance of the mask duty is in addition to nine percentage points decreased.

Also, the ongoing closure of cultural institutions hold only 77 percent right, whereas it was at the beginning of the pandemic, yet 97 percent.

The people take the Coronavirus lightly?

The pandemic seems gradually to lose their terror. However, this also means that people are willing to stick to measures?

The Numbers of the BfR suggest currently to the contrary. The tendency to keep a distance to others, continues to rise even though many people have less fear of the Virus. Since the beginning of may, it climbed from 19 percent to 27 percent.

Although less people use disinfectant, but the willingness to shun the Public to wear protective clothing and to hold, in General, to government orders, will continue.

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Why fear people have no health consequences?

Some of the Figures of the Corona-monitor suggest that many people believe now that the danger of a contagion of self-control.

It was at the beginning of the pandemic, only 28 percent were of this view, so there are now about 40 percent.

The number of those who were still at the beginning of this is very unsafe, has been cut almost in half (to 39 percent at the end of March; As of right now: 21 percent).

Whether this means that the people are careless, or a lot more of a stronger confidence in the possibilities, to protect themselves, has been established, the infection numbers for the coming weeks.

When the fear subsides and is no longer the driving factor for the compliance with the measures, but understand your need for this body moves, this would be universally desirable.


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