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Anyone who has ever pulled a real CrossFit Training, know that these units are not for the weak of muscles (and nerves).

Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, it is worth the challenging Workouts to give a Chance. After all, it’s not just your body is required – this can also make pretty fun!

CrossFit is usually combined strength exercises with high intensity interval training and improves strength, speed, endurance, agility and coordination at the same time.

The CrossFit Challenge for home waived, however, on the intense interval training, and on the other hand, targeted and effective with lots of posture exercises in the deep muscles by keeping the Divise is here.

Intense CrossFit workout at home

With the right guidance you will need not even the membership in a Box – you can bring you also in your own four walls to your Limit and see whether you have CrossFit left something to be desired.

The renowned CrossFit Coach René from the CrossFit Afterlife in Hamburg shows in the FIT FOR FUN YouTube Video, as you can all the intense CrossFit to combine elements without any Equipment at your home.

In the Exercises, compiled by René for this 18-minute Workout, this is mainly to stop the exercises.

These are particularly well-suited to the deep-seated muscles, which is often not reached during Training, and to address and challenge.

During the crisp Workouts always be 30 seconds of intense tension alternate with half-a-Minute sit-down break.

Important: Even if your muscles are sometime trembling certainly is a clean design, the A and O. not only does This prevent unpleasant injuries, but plays a crucial part in the effectiveness.

So grab a water bottle and workout Mat and go for it!

1. Wall Sit

The first Exercise of a good workout mainly focuses on the muscle strands in your thighs. To run you only need a wall.

  • To you about a step away from the wall.
  • Lean back and slide down until your legs form a 90-degree angle.
  • Now it is: take a Deep breath and hold it.

Make sure you Position your shoulders and your Butt to lean on the wall. Your feet are placed hip width apart and the knees pointing slightly outward.

Focus all of your awareness on the working muscles. This Mind-Muscle Connection helps you to get the best possible results.

2. Hollow Hold

After your legs have suffered a little, will now have to think of your abdominal muscles it.

  • Lie down for the Hollow Hold, first on the back.
  • Lift your body, both your torso and your legs up, so that a V.
  • Track feel your arms up and lower your legs back a little until you get the tension intense in the straight abdominal muscles.

“The feet so far down, so long as your lower back touches the ground”, tells a Coach, René. It is important also that the whole point of tension, not breathing is forgotten.

3. Arch Hold

This Exercise creates a small compensation to the Hollow Hold now, namely, the muscles strands need to work your posterior side of your body, while you’ve got a nice stretch in the front.

  • From positioned you in the prone position, and stretch your arms over your head.
  • Lifting from this Position, at the same time both your legs as well as your upper body velvet arms as far up as possible and hold this position.

So now it’s butt pinch and go!

4. Side Plank Clamshell

As the Name of the Exercise suggests, the focus is in this embodiment very particularly on the page. More precisely: your lateral abdominal muscles.

  • To lie down in a lateral position on the floor and support yourself with the elbow.
  • Angle your legs slightly at the knees and feet together, the heels are at the height of your Pos. Support your free Hand on the hip.
  • Execute the Exercise by opening your hips. From lifting your body from the ground and your upper leg from the lower leg.

After 15 seconds it says: switch sides and the Plank for 15 seconds before you can approve a little break.

5. Handstand

It continues with an Exercise that will drive the blood to the head. A lot of fun at the Handstand!

Especially if you have a long time in a Handstand trying to do or problems with balance, you should be sure to have enough space on the wall.

Your legs then bring momentum to the top. Make sure that during execution, only your heels touching the wall and you’re training, despite the support of your sense of balance.

“It is important that you are as straight as possible and as stretched as possible,” is René as a tip. “And don’t forget to Breathe. Never hold your breath.”

6. Single Leg V Ups

You’re nearly there – just a bit of hold!

Before you can Pat myself on the shoulders, a last Exercise that will not only bring your abdominal muscles to Tremble, but your entire body once properly warm.

  • Lie back with arms outstretched on the back.
  • Stretch your upper body and a leg extended also as quickly as possible.
  • Touch with both hands, either your foot or your Shin, before you return to the starting position.
  • In this way, your two legs alternate for 30 seconds in the movement.

Tip: To get the best possible outcome from the Exercise, breathe out when setting up – that way you can tense your abdominal muscles better. And always nice all the limbs drop.

If you have a full completed four rounds, you’re already through with the Training – very good!

Cornelia Bertram

*The post “CrossFit-Challenge: 18-minute total-body workout for the core muscles” published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.