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A bad environment can lead to a study of the Rostock centre for the study of Demographic change to health impairment.

It is especially high environmental loads, as well as a bad or mediocre infrastructure, the health harm, said in a recently published study by the universities of Rostock and Groningen (the Netherlands).

Poor infrastructure and less shopping

Background could be, that a poor infrastructure for the poorer part, have lead the life of society. The authors included this made it difficult to Perceive of doctor’s appointments or, worse nutrition by the lack of shopping opportunities.

In the study, with approximately 4600 subjects between 18 and 93 years had passed in the years from 1999 to 2014, regular updated information. They had been collected in the framework of the so-called socio-economic panel representative.

The subjects had to make assessments of their health and living environment, said Benjamin Aretz from the University of Rostock.

The exact physical limitations and the associated mechanisms have not been identified.

The living environment is more pay attention to

The authors argued in their study, to pay tribute to the living environment of the people more attention.

This applies particularly then, if it is going to reduce the health inequalities in society.

People with higher education and higher income, lived often in a better living environment.

The investigation was one of the few changes in the living environment of people and their self-rated health condition be detected over many years.

Factors such as weekly working hours, household income, and regular nicotine consumption had been taken into account and, as far as possible from the results expected.

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