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In just ten minutes, the abdominal exercise?

With this Core Workout from Yoga and Pilates instructor Juliana Afram.

The Genius of it: Only with a Mat equipped, you can do the Workout easily at home. Also Ideal for a sporty break.

The five Exercises you do each eight to twelve times.

While you are lying on your back. In the basic position, you stelltst your legs hip width apart. Consider a basic tension and let your breath be calm to flow.

Let’s go!

Single and Double Leg Stretch

The Workout begins with a Single-Leg Stretch. Here you winkelst both legs and draw it to you. Your arms include the right leg. The torso you roll up to the shoulder tips.

The left leg do you stick to 45 degrees to the front. In one fluid motion, you switch the Position of your legs. The right leg from the arch you now, while you’re left to your upper body towards the approach.

The Double Leg Stretch is you stretch both your arms and legs at the same time. In a subsequent motion you’re using it on your belly.

A pair of scissors and Lower the Lift

With legs outstretched, the you move like a pair of scissors together and apart again, do you train your Core effectively.

Make sure that your abdominal muscles are lifted to the inside and top.

When you Lower the Lift you put your legs up 90 degrees and lower them slowly towards the ground. The legs should be lowered only so far that the back is not placed in a hollow cross, but remains stable.

Criss Cross

At the conclusion of the Core Workouts you’ll bring again your oblique abdominal muscles to Glow.

In the Table Top Position, you anwinkelst your knees over your hips, you take one side of your shoulder to the opposite knee.

The other leg is stretched with the movement. After the Back you can turn the page.

After ten minutes you did it and your center with only five Exercises will also be strengthened. Especially for beginners, an ideal Workout with light Exercises to Imitate.

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