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To avoid contact with other people, is the most important protection against the Coronavirus. The time of Isolation and distance can have a negative impact on our health.

These are the things you should consider so that your immune system remains stronger.



A healthy diet with sufficient vitamins, fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids are important for our immune system: The are located mainly in fresh vegetables, legumes, vegetable Oils and fish. A nutritional deficiency can weaken your immune system. A Test at the doctor can give you information about your supply.

Vitamin C, zinc and Vitamin D are nutrients important micro, in which researchers have an effect on the immune system have been demonstrated.


Movement of the sun

With sports you can keep fit – the best in the sunlight. Because sunlight promotes Vitamin D production. In the laboratory showed that the blue and ultraviolet part of the sunlight increases the activity of infection-fighting cells.

But be careful: the harm of hard Training the immune system rather. Experts recommend per day at least 30 minutes of moderate movement.


 Have fun, and digital, stay in touch

Laughter is healthy: The proverb can also be scientifically substantiated. Because studies show that Laughter T-cells, B-cells and immunoglobulin to be activated, which keep our immune system happy. It doesn’t matter if you laugh because one is happy or laughing imitates, such as, for example, when laughter yoga.

In spite of physical Isolation, it is important to stay digital in touch with friends and to laugh together.

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To sit In silence and the self-body exercise, has a positive effect on health. Studies point in the direction that Meditation has an effect on the genes associated with Stress, inflammation, and infection.

Meditation can also have a positive impact au our sleep – another important factor for our health.



Experts recommend eight hours of sleep in the night. Scientists are slowly beginning to understand why sleep is to our immune system is so important. A recent study by the University of Tübingen shows that sleep can improve the effectiveness of immune cells.

They ensure that your room is sufficiently dark and avoid it before bedtime to look at screens.