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It was a good day for Hannah Day, when she decided two years ago, turn your life upside down.

It was about 50 Kilos to throw off that she had scheduled a total of two pregnancies.

Only thirteen months later, the proud Mama can’t capture these weight-loss Challenge only mastered, but has managed for a period of time, a new career as a successful Fitness Coach to build up.

With a touching Video on Instagram letting her Followers the most challenging months of your life to witness first hand.

With Home Workouts to a new sense of life

As you summed up in January of 2018 the decision to change its Constitution for sustainable, was Hannah Day before: nervous.

You not only put your entire nutrition, but committed himself to daily Home Workouts.

That was a walk in the Park anything other than a sugar, she admits on Instagram: "Was it easy? No, it took hard work, but with each week it became more and more Routine!"

In addition, the mother of two realized after a short time, as well the rigorous conversion of your body and spirit fact. Over the months, not only the amount of your abdomen more and more, but also their joy, to make themselves beautiful and to feel changed.

In your Video, if possible-concealing black dress to the tight-fitting white Belly can be seen, as well as your choice of dress increasingly self-confident and courageous, it was:-Top!

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"The best view of the worst Aufstieg&quot offers;

Of your own success story motivated, coach the now-trained blonde moved to other slimming willing to.

Based on what you helped even more, your offer is not only home workouts, but also a Clean Eating Guide, a nutrition plan, and Support through a Community.

This includes when your in the meantime almost 40,000 Followers, not only from your Idol to inspire, but also motivate each other.

Support learn by fire at the end of Talk of Hannah, with the help of which you will challenge the strength of your Followers.

Particularly memorable: your comparisons of a decreasing process with a steep climb: "How much you really want it? You can watch either other people, as you climb to the top, or with you together to climb. You can go anywhere, as long as you keep at it! The best view is the hardest climb."

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*The post “#transformation Tuesday: From the big guy to Coach,” published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.