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Cooled spaces promoted, apparently, the Transmission of the Virus to many people, so a Declaration of Tönnies representative Gereon Schulze Althoff for Corona onset in a battle operation of the company in the district of Gütersloh, was with hundreds of Infected.

Favors the cold air to battle the spread of the pathogen stations actually?

What do you expect in the autumn when it is cooler?

Corona-spread slowed by summer effect

As a largely secured, the Corona propagation is currently reduced by a summer effect, but probably only a little bit.

It is based on factors such as UV light and heat, and the fact that people are now more on the outside instead of the inside.

Estimated can be deducted thus, a half of a unit of the basic reproduction value, had declared the Berlin-based virologist Christian Drosten of the NDR Podcast.

Similar as well as influenza pathogens with Sars-CoV-2 related coronaviruses of humans in the Winter are the most active. “If it is colder, it will transmit the Virus better,” had Drosten in the NDR said in the Podcast.

The temperature at which the Corona spreads rapidly?

A presented a week ago, a study had revealed evidence that the Corona-infection events happening particularly strong in regions with similar temperature range and humidity.

Severely affected cities had, therefore, 20 to 30 days prior to the first corona dead average temperatures of five to eleven degrees and a specific humidity of three to six grams per kilogram of air.

But it is also clear that the spread of many other factors – not the least of the action taken.

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It is known that UV light, make a virus harmless. Temperature and humidity have influence on how quickly the droplets, the Virus becomes worn such as when Talking, Singing or coughing from person to person, to evaporate.

In addition, Sars will-CoV-2, according to the current state of knowledge about aerosols – tiny droplets nuclei of liquid and particles such as virus transfer.

You can stay long in the air and in enclosed spaces can accumulate.

Coronavirus is dangerous in enclosed spaces

As infectious aerosols are cooling the house conditions, it is hard to say. In principle, you could keep yourself in closed spaces, even over hours, and can be infectious, as the former President of the International society for aerosols in medicine, Gerhard Scheuch said.

A push of breath contains about 1000 particles. “Outside, the dilution is strong, inside it accumulates.”

In the case of the humidity the first analysis indicated that in the cold Season, possibly a humidifier, the risk of contagion in the premises could reduce, had Stephanie Pfänder of the Ruhr-University of Bochum, declared recently.

Of other respiratory infections is well known that dry air makes the droplets with virus particles dry out, they will be no longer infectious.

In addition, the body can fend off these pathogens in moist air better. The high humidity in slaughterhouses is likely to reduce the dissemination, therefore, rather than reinforce it.

Increased spread of risk in the Winter

It is crucial that The dose makes the poison. Outdoor outcasts virus clouds evaporate much more rapidly than indoors – so you will not be ventilated very well.

Drosten keeps the increased time together indoors in the Winter is a crucial factor in the spread of risk. Studies have shown that the Coronavirus concentration inside buildings is usually higher than in public places.

Critically, it is so

all, if people meet more on the inside than it is outside – what is ultimately, of course, also a temperature effect. Whether it will come in the autumn and Winter, a rapid increase in the numbers of cases or not, depends, according to experts, especially of the number of Infected in the late summer, to how well it succeeds, the chain of Infection early detect and interrupt and all of our behavior.

Distance remains a commandment, as long as the pandemic does not have his vaccinations, stop.


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