Young people in particular thought in Corona Lockdown at war

For the young people in our society, the memories of the second world war, are no longer tangible. You hear the reports of the last eye-witnesses, perhaps even the experiences of their grandparents, but the direct reference is faded with the generations. No Starving, no mass death, no Excess in boom times. And yet there are just under 30-Year-old, in which the Corona pandemic, which is considered as the biggest crisis since the Second world war, causes great uncertainty and a lot of war thinking – this was a representative Innofact survey conducted on behalf of Verivox.

War and dictatorship in the minds of

For a good third of Germans (37 per cent) represents the pandemic is a singular event which is so far experienced, and the Himalayas are not comparable. However, a quarter of Germans (18 – to 29-Year-old even more than a third) thought during the contact barrier to war. The elderly over 50 years, the answer is Yes only to 21 percent. And: Almost twice as many young people like the older feel of dictatorships reminiscent of (22 to 12 percent) or think of a past separation or divorce (12 to 6 percent).

Low-income earners have greater Fears

German with a household income below 1500 euros, think more in past times of crisis, as people with higher Budgets: To war, dictatorships, Aids, smallpox, and the construction of the wall, you thought more often than the other income groups.

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Across all age groups, comparatively few people will remember in connection with the Corona-crisis construction of the Berlin wall, as well as to the renewed outbreak of smallpox some 50 years ago (between 5 and 7 percent).

Different regional characteristics

29 percent of Germans think currently to the Flu epidemic of the Winter of 2017/2018 back. Other events, achieve significantly lower values, however, show regional specifics. So more Western feel than those in the East to the fear of Aids in the 80s 15 reminds (to 9 percent). In the North, clearly more people think of war than in the East (31 to 20 percent). Differences between the sexes are difficult to determine.

Digitization shear by Corona-crisis

However, the limitations of the contact barrier not only to the Fears stirred, it also led to active changes in communication behavior. So, for example, 40 percent of young Germans during the Corona-crisis for the first Time video telephony is used, the highest level in all age groups. 32 percent of the young Generation have participated for the first Time in a virtual fitness training, 25 percent have celebrated virtually with friends and family, or shared online is a common Hobby. In the two older groups, the number of first-time users is significantly lower.

The data used are based on an Online survey of Innofact AG on behalf of Verivox, on the 1000 people in April 2020 took part.

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