How Hong Kong has managed, in spite of Coronavirus, the life to maintain

The Lin Heung Tea House in Hong Kong is one of the oldest teahouses in the city. In a hospital light illuminated the hall, hundreds of chopsticks clinking on porcelain. The noise level is tremendous. Older women push carts of steaming Dim Sum around the room. It does not mean that it was not so long ago, Spittoons stood around here. In short, the Lin Heung Tea House, the action was never the most place in Hong Kong. Today, however, all the waiters wear a protective breathing mask. The guests enter the Restaurant with a mask and set it down only to eat. At the entrance to hand sanitizer stands.

The bad news first: Hong Kong, the Coronavirus is more difficult. The city lives from tourism and retail, and the lag before the Virus on the ground. The student protests had expelled the most wealthy tourists from the mainland. The good news is that in addition to Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan succeeded so far, not so good to end the crisis. On Wednesday 129 people in Hong Kong were infected. Three have died of the Virus.


Today, the Corona, at that time, Sars – why are so many viruses in China?

Hong Kong has responded to the Coronavirus

To do this, you should know that the city-state was affected on the southern tip of China in January – to a time when you rocked up in Europe yet, the Virus would remain a regionally limited Problem. In addition, only a few areas in the world are as densely populated as parts of Hong Kong. Seven million live here on a few square kilometers. The apartments are tiny, the metro transports every day about 500,000 people. Added to this is Hong Kong’s function as an international hub for both Goods and people.

How, then, could succeed in Hong Kong, to keep the infections so low? Especially, because it is reacted at an early stage. From the beginning, you went after every case of suspicion, the infected Person and their contacts traced and sent them to the quarantine. In February, the were around 12,000 people. Some of them were housed in public buildings, other were electronically monitored at home. Every day, the people were informed, the Infected had contact. It happened, however, at a time when the infection Numbers were so low, that this was still workable.

Hong Kong is sensitized

The schools are since the 17th century. February closed. Many companies have also changed after the Chinese new year at the home office. Also fever is in all of the Hotels mandatory. As good as all the people on the street with a respirator mask. No one shakes more hands, in each of the ubiquitous 7-Eleven super markets hand sanitizer stand at the cash register.

Hong Kong also concluded at an early stage the boundaries of the adjacent Guangdong. The South China province is affected, according to Hubei’s hardest Covid-19. “Add to that the population is sensitized due to previous experience with diseases,” says Dirk Pfeiffer, Professor of epidemiology at the Hong Kong University. “The individuals protection measures, such as hands in order to wash quickly. In Europe, the trend is rather to wait and see.”

Hong Kong stood in the centre of the Sars outbreak in 2003 and the swine flu of 2009. “We are so little accustomed to, and perhaps therefore also more disciplined than Europeans,” says Kevin, the owner of a clothing business in Hong Kong Central. A part of his goods he received, Spain and Germany. “There, no one took my opinion seriously.”


China sees the climax of the Corona wave of Infection exceeded

Life in Hong Kong goes on – differently than on the mainland

On Tuesday, the Hong Kong government also imposed travel restrictions for certain regions of Spain, France, Japan and Germany. If you arrive after Friday midnight from these regions in Hong Kong, must go 14 days in quarantine.

“So, what brings a measure of most, we don’t know,” says Dirk Pfeiffer from the Hong Kong University. “But in all you have an effect you will notice on the lower Influenza-Pay. We must not forget, however, that all these measures come at a high economic and psychological price.”

Despite all these measures, but the daily life in Hong Kong continues relatively unhindered. The city of mainland China differs, where in the Hubei province of 40 million people under forced quarantine were made. Even in metropolises like Shanghai or Beijing, the public life has come completely to a Halt. The restriction of individual freedoms on the mainland is massive.

The example of Hong Kong shows that a free society can deal with such crises – even better than the supposedly efficient, authoritarian regimes such as mainland China.

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