Milan Virologist: German can go in the holidays calmed down after Italy

Northern Italy was one of the first European regions with a high number of Coronavirus-Infected. After the initial panic has calmed down the Situation in the country now. A conversation with Maria Rita Gismondo, Virologist and head of laboratory in the field of Microbiology at the hospital Luigi Sacco in Milan.

star: Professor Gismondo, in some Parts of Germany, soon to be school holidays. Advise you of a holiday in Italy?

Gismondo: I would German students rates, quiet to Italy to ride. Or France, or other European countries. And I say that as a scientist, and not because I am, as an Italian partisan. The Virus is spreading everywhere in Europe. Italy has a large area of the controls, so that we were able to identify the Infected quickly. We currently have 420 cases, but only about 20 people are really ill. Four or five patients are in critical condition. So we should not confuse the number of 420 Tested positive with the number of cases. Not everyone who has the Virus gets sick.

The outbreak of the disease

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The extent to which affected public life in the affected areas?

Initially, the social life was limited. This had the positive effect that the families have found more at home together. It is just a shame that it took the occasion. Many still work in the home office, and students take advantage of the Online offerings of their Unis. After the first panic, when the streets were partly deserted and shops were closed, you have not understood the people that the situation is so serious. Also in the eleven affected villages, it is now returned to life on the streets. Places where many people come together, however, remain closed, such as, for example, the Nightclubs. The request of the security arrangements of the Ministry of health. Major events have also been cancelled.

Some municipalities in the North of Italy were cordoned off and the residents quarantined. How do you assess these measures?

This is purely a precautionary measure in the so-called “red zones”. I think that’s right, in order to prevent that the Virus is spreading, because there will be no vaccine, or a way to pharmacologically prevent.

What do you know about the Virus?

We discover every day new pages of his profile. In the laboratory, we have isolated it and are now Trying to his analysis, as elsewhere, happens. The Virus is transferred pretty quickly from the respiratory tract. Everyone is Infected it can transmit twice. For comparison: chicken pox is transmitted 18 to 20 Times. Corona is especially dangerous for the elderly and weakened people with a low immune system. 99 percent of the patients have no complications. The two Chinese tourists were treated in Italy in the hospital, are healthy again. There is no reason to panic. The people have confused the precautionary measures taken by the Italian government with a state of emergency.

It is now known how the Virus came to Italy?

The Virus is present throughout Europe. In France, England and Germany have far fewer cases were reported than in Italy. The length is the fact that these countries have only tested patients in whom disease symptoms have manifested. In Italy was controlled on a larger scale. So people have been tested positive, had no symptoms. Many are carriers of the Virus, but not sick.


Today, the Corona, at that time, Sars – why are so many viruses in China?

They emphasize that the Virus is hardly more serious than a flu. How do you come to this assessment? You can meet such statements now?

The Coronavirus is something more serious than a flu, but it is not to be compared with the infectious disease Sars to. The normal flu has a mortality rate of 0.1 to 0.2 percent. The Coronavirus is two to three percent. At Sars of 15 to 20 percent of the Patients died. We make these statements as a result of the Corona cases that occurred in China and now also in the world.

You work in the hospital Luigi Sacco in Milan. How is the Situation on the ground? Are overloaded by the stations?

The hospitals have adjusted all it, the patients. There are very few of them are actually. You will not provoke any crisis of the health system. At the beginning of the First aid shots overloaded at times. All wanted to do the Test. Now, people have not understood that they flow better in masses to the hospital, where you can rather still get infected. The Situation in emergency departments has calmed down again.

How do you rate the Test for the Coronavirus? Could contain a comprehensive mass testing, the spread of the Virus?

The specifications of the world health organization, and we adhere to the two protocols of Hong Kong and Berlin. We use both in parallel, in order to have the maximum security. The positively tested cases, we submit to the Ministry of health and the public health Institute, the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. I don’t think it is realistic, the mass tests. Then we would have to test people anywhere on earth. There are no limits to the globalization, and there are no limits for the Virus.

Her laboratory is working round-the-clock – what is it exactly that you do?

We do in molecular biology 500 Tests per day. The diagnoses we send to the various Bodies that you have given us for their patients in order.

What do you think, how long Corona is a us deal yet?

I no longer hope for so long, because I can really soon… I think we still have a week or two with peak values expected. Then I’m going to assume that the number of infections will decrease. But this is only an assumption, a mathematical security we have, of course.

Your neighbors cross the street if you come in the evening home from work?

Perhaps not, but my daughter was in South Tyrol for skiing and the ski instructor fear of the participants, who came from Milan had to give, Hand to. This is really sad. My daughter called me and asked whether we are infected from the laboratory. No, I said. If we were infected, I wouldn’t have hugged you every night.

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