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Sports has the positive side effect is that it lowers the blood pressure. If you have a anti-used directly after the Training microbially effective mouthwash, then the reduction in blood pressure is lower, as researchers in "Free Radical Biology and Medicine" reports.

After study participants for the 30 minutes walking on a treadmill, scientists from Britain and Spain leave you with a mouth rinse, either peppermint flavor or the antimicrobial substance chlorhexidine contained. One hour after the exercise the systolic blood pressure in the "Peppermint Gruppe" 5.2 mmHg lower than before Training, with the use of the chlorhexidine-containing mouthwash by only 2 mmHg. Two hours after exercise the blood pressure with the chlorhexidine mouthwash was as high as before the Training, in the peppermint group was decreased 3.8 mmHg.

What sounds adventurous, can explain the researchers: the formation of nitric oxide (NO) wide the blood vessels to ensure blood flow to the muscles. NO is converted to nitrate, and here, bacteria from the mouth get into the game: "Nitrate can be taken up by the salivary glands and the saliva in the mouth is eliminated. Some types of bacteria in the mouth convert nitrate to nitrite um", the physiologist Raul Bescos from Plymouth University explains. When nitrite is swallowed with the saliva, it enters the blood stream and is converted back to NO, which ensures that the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. The number of oral bacteria is reduced by an anti-microbial mouth water, so less nitrite is formed, and the long-lasting effect on the blood vessels remains.