Blood in times of Corona: We are constantly in need of donors

The normal operation in German hospitals continues regardless of the Coronavirus pandemic. That is to say: seriously injured must be treated, not slide-on operations to take place and cancer patients. The hospitals need blood canned. These are due to the Sars-CoV-2 crisis almost, want to prevent the German blood donation services is essential.

Blood donations in times of Coronavirus more important

In some regions, have been less blood donors and donor lists, says Patric Nohe of the blood donation services of the German Red cross (DRK) in the starInterview. Together with the Bavarian Red cross, the DRC covers some 75 percent of the demand for blood products in Germany.

Mr. Nohe, “The number of blood donations has decreased,” – that was read since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis more frequently. How is the Situation currently?

At the Moment, we can see the demand for blood cover. In the past weeks, there have been regional but already the declines in the blood donation volume of, for example, in North Rhine-Westphalia and in Bavaria. There, the blood donation has volume, but stabilized recently. However, we need to ensure that it stays that way and people come continually to us. Because blood is only 42 days of shelf life. In this respect, we need to evaluate the situation day-to-day.

Everyday protocols

Students, politicians, Doctors, teachers, and co. report: we are experiencing the Corona-at a standstill

What is the daily demand for blood is that?

Every day in this country requires about 15,000 units. An under cover we had during the recent shortages, fortunately. Need Import from regions where there is plenty of canned food. The bottom line is that we are dependent, but a permanent part of donors.

What happens if there are not enough blood donations?

This is not occurred in the last few years in Germany, fortunately. Possible consequences, for example, in the Operation of the most seriously injured, can any, I guess: patients are then not survive. In this respect, we are always dependent on blood, because blood cannot be produced artificially.

Some potential donors may provide in times of the Coronavirus to the own health …

When donating blood, no increased infection risk. For the colleagues in the blood donation centres, it is only because of the annual flu wave, of course, to ensure the highest hygiene standards; Blood donations are as such subject to strict regulations. In addition, we have made other arrangements: at the entrance to the body temperature is measured, in the waiting areas, we pay attention to a sufficient distance, the Beds are farther apart than normally, the disinfectant is present. When donating blood, no one need be afraid of being infected with Coronavirus. The one who comes to us, should pay attention to the usual recommendations, so, for example, distance to other people keep and regularly and thoroughly wash hands.

Who qualifies as a blood donor in question?

Formally, blood donors, and blood donors must be at least 18 years, and the initial donation of a maximum of 64 years old and healthy. In terms of the Coronavirus is: Who is knowingly in contact with a infected Person had, unfortunately, can’t donate, the same is true for people in the past 14 days in a the by the Robert-Koch-institutes-defined high-risk areas (Egypt, Chinese, Hubei province, Region, Grand Est in France, Iran, Italy, the Austrian province of Tyrol, Madrid, province of Gyeongsangbuk-do in South Korea, the U.S. States of California, Washington and New York; Note. d. Red.) stopped have. Here we make an urgent appeal to the self-responsibility of people to not come to the blood donation. Even if there are according to the Robert Koch Institute no evidence to suggest that Sars-CoV-2 can be passed on in blood donations.

To whom can turn to people who have blood to donate?

Alone, the Bavarian and the German Red cross annually offers over 43,000 blood donation appointments. On our website each and every one of dates can be found in her or his vicinity. Alternatively, there is the national Hotline (0800) 1194911, you can inform, as well as our Social Media channels. There, the colleagues can also answer any questions about the topic.

There is something to it?

Our blood donors and blood donors are given a Packed lunch and a small Surprise. The most Important is the good feeling to have with a donation of up to three people saved the life of is but.

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